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    Classic Fantasy Imperative - Now Available

    The last six books they've published for the line have been black text on white, but there hasn't been a new edition of the core book as of yet (unless you count the digest version of the rulebook published as part of the Tricorder set, which does have black text on white).
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    Classic Fantasy Imperative - Now Available

    They've finally stopped doing that in their Star Trek Adventures line.
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    Theory The Current Verisimilitudinous Fictional Story Positioning Situation

    A mediocre roll on the part of the player in attempting to deploy his sack raccoon to distract a security guard resulted in success with a complication. Namely the PC was lightly mauled by the highly pissed off raccoon. It then went on to cause enough of a distraction that the rest of the PCs...
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    Theory The Current Verisimilitudinous Fictional Story Positioning Situation

    I think that's accurate. But by that out that the "story games" I've played don't really directly result in a story either. Rather, they try to make some sorts of fictional events more likely to happen in the campaign, so that when you relate those events after the fact, you're more likely to...
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    Theory The Current Verisimilitudinous Fictional Story Positioning Situation

    Yeah, I ran a Blades hack for sixteen months (probably around 32 sessions), and flashbacks* were not particularly common. I sure as hell didn't insist that the players had to use them if they didn't want to. The game's entirely functional even if no one ever uses a flashback. Which is not to...
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    NoDrift Techniques On Achieving And Maintaining IC Immersion

    Yes, my own requirements for immersion seem to be highly peculiar to me. Metacurrency is largely irrelevant to whether or not I can immerse in a character. Maybe it's because I spend so much time as. GM, but if I know the game system well, spending metacurrency is no more intrusive to me than...
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    What makes zones controversial?

    I don't think most of the games that actually emerged from the Forge even use maps, let alone zones.
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    Theory The Current Verisimilitudinous Fictional Story Positioning Situation

    For sure. Legend of the Five Rings was probably even worse though, since the metaplot events were being generated by the outcomes of collectible card game tournaments. I don't think I ever met a player of the RPG who liked that idea.
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    What was your last player character death like?

    My guess is that might have been the case in the sense that he felt he'd fully explored that character's motivations and goals, but If I remember, I'll ask him at our next game on Monday. :smile:
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    What was your last player character death like?

    Not entirely sure, but his player wasn't particularly surprised when the character was killed. It was sort of a natural endpoint for that character, who was never particularly heroic to begin with. He spent a lot of the campaign trying to figure out some way to exploit the vampires to achieve...
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    What was your last player character death like?

    I've run some fairly lethal games in the past, with Pendragon, GURPS, Cyberpunk 2020, and the Vietnam War RPG Patrol being notable examples that claimed the lives of multiple PCs. I've also played a lot of 1st Edition AD&D, a bunch of survival horror games, and a Savage Worlds pirates campaign...
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    The Satanic Panic

    Yes, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, the Satanic Panic basically bypassed the community that I was living in. But most of the people living in that town at the time were Catholic or mainline Protestant Lutherans or Methodists. Evangelicals like the Baptists and Pentacostals made up less...
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    Are you into science fiction RPGs?

    Over the years I've run Star Trek using three different systems, a bit of Traveller, Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS Transhuman Soace, Bulldogs!, and Eclipse Phase. I've also played D6 Star Wars and some Fading Suns. I'd like to run more Traveller at some point.
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    Bitching About Soundtrack Overload (yelling at clouds)

    A lot of TV dramas set in the modern day appear to take place in a weird parallel universe where the best light bulbs that you can buy are only good for about 100 lumens.
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    What obsession of yours has never made it into your games?

    I have in fact played several RPGs (although never D&D) with several women who appeared in porn, but it would be stretching the definition of the word to call any of them "stars".
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    Anyone effectively monogamEous?

    Not even close. And really, I never have been. In the first six years after I discovered RPGs, I played over a dozen different games spanning at least six different genres. If games were girlfriends, I'm stuck in some kind of harem anime that's entering its forty-fifth season, and the writing...
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    Revenge of the Diregoose

    Fricking geese are all over my university's campus at this time of year. Like Morbo's family on Futurama, they are belligerent and numerous.
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    Dune campaigns

    I have a bunch of the published 2d20 adventure material. It looks like Modiphius is going with option b) and ignoring the Dune storyline canon. For example, in the campaign that plays out in Agents of Dune and Masters of Dune, the assumption is that the PCs are members of a noble house that's...
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    Most detailed non-D&D RPG settings?

    True. The published Harn material is about a foot wide and ten miles deep. Really the polar opposite of the Third Imperium, which details a setting of thousands of worlds, but most of them are described using just a single string of hexadecimal numbers. I'd say Glorantha is probably the winner...
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    Why D&D armour no longer looks knight'ish?

    Both editions of The One Ring sort of do that. Armor doesn't protect at all against Endurance loss, but if someone scores a Piercing Blow, the target gets to make a Protection test (basically a saving throw) based on their armor to avoid being Wounded. Lost Endurance points are generally quick...
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