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    Great Comicbook Art Thread

    was talking to someone on discord earlier about how Hasbro is releasing a Crystar figure for the Marvel Legends line, and they said "who?" for SOME reason the comic (which came out when I was 12) made a big impression on me. not sure why. no idea why I have a thing for red heads either...
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    I'm confused, why did you cross that out if you were just going to type the same thing again?
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    hey, I was wondering, is Cubicle 7 still on the hook for this book? (looking at the list of missed delivery announcements)
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    Terrible Comic Art

    Drywall, Scud's sidekick, has clearly had enough of your bullshit!
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    so am I to assume that no one has said, "boy this sure was worth the 12 year wait!"?
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    look! a review!
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    damnit, I was gonna ask that...
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    What have you been reading?

    currently reading After On by Rob Reid (the husband of Morgan Webb) who also wrote Year Zero. Year Zero was about aliens making first contact when they realized that due to copyright infringement of earth music, the Earth was owed roughly 1000% of the universe's money. (only thing earth did...
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    if that is the case, why did it take so long for him to write the game with the new system? Satan hasn't come back yet. he spends so much time here, I've made him chip in on the rent. I'm starting to get worried... just read the forward (a free download off drivethru), and this like lept out...
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    Our Dark Lord Satan, who shows up from time to time in my apartment, usually to slap me in the back of the head and say "wtf is wrong with you, don't say that," just did a spit take, shouted, "holy shit, it's out? I got a thing, Don't say anything bad, for like an hour." and vanished. so this...
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    Crowd Sourcing a Viable Solution to a Crowdfunded Problem...

    if we are going diceless, why not go all out and make it full contact LARP?
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    give _Into the Badlands_ a look. damn near everyone has at least one level in ninja. Dystopia US, various crime lords control things like oil, opium, fun things like that. the main character is the head of the Opium lord's kill squad. He wants to retire and have a family with the woman he...
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    you had me going in the first part...
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    Toys I'm glad I didn't have when I was a Kid

    that isn't Raptor!
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    Recommend some of the best shows of the 21st century

    I've been enjoying the hell out of My Adventures with Superman. I feel like they have rushed the romance, and Lois getting mad about Clark not telling her his identity after they have known one another, what? a month or 2? Take a chill pill. I like Jimmy and Clark having been friends in...
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    Far West 12th Anniversary

    meanwhile I'm over here waiting for Beyond Human...
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    NGL Deadpool makes Krakoa sound pretty good.
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    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    Doom may have a steel face, but Conan has balls of steel
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    Your most desired never published RPG titles

    I got fed up with him when he started insisting he was THE foremost authority on Atlantis, that Houses of the Blooded was non-fiction and that any other Atlantis themed RPG was based on lies.
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I just got a kindle scribe. haven't really played around with it. I've loaded a couple PDFs onto it via usb, and it is slow turning pages on graphics intensive pages. could be more of a pdf size thing tho. not sure as I said, brand new. looks cool tho.
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