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  1. Spellslinging Sellsword

    Against the Darkmaster

    For those interested in clones and copyright, you can Google the case involving Bang and Legend of the Three Kingdoms (DaVinci Editrice S.R.L. v. Ziko Games, LLC).
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    D&D Survey

    Yes. Here is the link
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    Hall of Champions for Hero System [Merged]

    Any chance they make the system OGL?
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    The Video Game Thread: What are you Playing?

    Decided to pick up the Nintendo Switch Version of the Baldur's Gate games that came out today. I think I owned the original when it came out, but recall nothing about it. Hoping to have some fun running around the Realms.
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    Current OSR Humble Bundle

    Pretty decent set of stuff for only $18.
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    Some thoughts on Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax

    The only Greyhawk dungeon I'd be interested in would be a scan of the original documents. I wouldn't want any added or new encounters. I would also take essays from original players about things they did in play. But I realize that probably isn't something that everyone would like.
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    Matt Colville on Roleplaying

    Thanks for posting this. I thought it was really well done. Raised good points about having fun and roleplaying. He has a good speaking voice and manner.
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    Some thoughts on Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax

    $45 million would be around $118 million in 2019 money. Yeah, that's definitely a lot of sales.
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    160 lb War Bow vs Plate Breastplate

    I thought this was a well done test.
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    Shadowrun 6E

    The creators released it under Creative Commons and allow filesharing of their game so you can always pick it up that way and then purchase it if you like it enough to use it.
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    Gifting first RPG?

    I thought that Faery's Tale Deluxe was a really well done rpg and it would fit your requirements.
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    Bundle of Holding Thread

    Some more Mythras goodness.
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    Kickstarter Pimpin'

    Cities of Harn buy in at $19 will net you quite a bit of Harn PDFs with the stretch goals.
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    The 'Classics' of RPGs

    I read Curculio by Plautus in college and found it pretty funny. Had some clever word play in it if I correctly recall.
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    The 'Classics' of RPGs

    Regarding translations, I remember in my Latin course on Virgil we were reading the Aeneid and to drive home how different people translate classic texts the teacher handed out the same passage from 20 different English translations. I remember looking at the Latin original and comparing it to...
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    What have you been reading?

    I think it will take me a while to read my newest book purchase. Each volume is roughly 1,000 pages.
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    Law enforcement in fantasy games

    This soon to be released book might of interest.
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    Tell me about Conan 2d20 system

    Modiphius Conan is the newest Bundle of Holding.
  19. Spellslinging Sellsword

    Bundle of Holding Thread

    Modiphius Conan is the newest bundle.
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    D&D5e Essentials Kit Info

    I got started with D&D at Toys-R-Us by purchasing Mentzer Basic D&D, Expert D&D, and the original Forgotten Realms boxed set. I probably could have played a life time of gaming with just those three boxed sets.