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  1. Antiquation!

    How old is too old?

    I'm 32, and while I have a multitude of bizarre health issues as well as recovering from several substance abuse issues, I don't anticipate quitting gaming. If I'm being completely honest it's the only hobby I can imagine continuing until I'm buried, my bones are burnt to dust, and the earth is...
  2. Antiquation!

    What's the best NPC name you've come up with?

    "Jacques" and "Strappe," two halfling thieves, partners in crime. Their motto was "best keep a firm grip on that pouch, else we'll be lifting the family jewels!"
  3. Antiquation!

    How liberal are you about character re-building mid-campaign?

    Agreed! I can't think of many genres or campaign styles where such a rule would be either relevant or beneficial... ... but a wuxia campaign could definitely qualify, to your point. :thumbsup: Particularly if, as you mentioned, there's an emphasis on training in general, learning new...
  4. Antiquation!

    How liberal are you about character re-building mid-campaign?

    Just popping in to mention, GURPS does happen to have an optional rule for "skill maintenance" to prevent the atrophy of high-level skills. The higher the skill level, the more time you need to dedicate over increasingly shorter periods of time to maintain it; though, they don't atrophy below a...
  5. Antiquation!

    Suggestions/Comments For New Logo!

    I like the text with the tail, but I think I prefer the cleaner mug design in the first one.
  6. Antiquation!

    Anime and Manga Discussion Thread

    So it's not actually Japanese animation, but I think it counts as "anime" as short for general "animation." "Edit & I," a sort of puzzling but interesting and visually creative cyberpunk movie. It's Serbian in origin, and takes place in Belgrade in the year 2074. I didn't outright love it but...
  7. Antiquation!


    Frankly, I feel mislead. I came in expecting Robert Rodriguez but instead I got David Attenborough.
  8. Antiquation!

    The upside to coronovirus!

    Only for my .40 carry and .308 Remington 700. I sold off the 5.56 a while ago for moving money and haven't really been in the market for any since as I've stopped frequenting the local rifle leagues.
  9. Antiquation!

    The upside to coronovirus!

    Yeah, ugh. Or even on a Friday night when people flood in for bar hopping, restaurants, shopping, etc. I don't know if I would consider it "stockpiling," but I'm sitting pretty on my little stash. :thumbsup: Unrelated, the corona virus craze has officially smashed into my work. There are now...
  10. Antiquation!

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    Yeah, that's a good point.
  11. Antiquation!

    The upside to coronovirus!

    That would be cool! Or at least, once your wife clears you to unseal the bunker. :grin: There are a decent few of us around here running local games. I am aware of at least one group of fairly high-visibility forumites that gather at some gaming club weekly over in Ballard to chuck bones, though...
  12. Antiquation!

    The upside to coronovirus!

    I keep forgetting I own this box! I've been using it as a temporary playstation stand in lieu of hanging an actual shelf in our new apartment... :errr: Tons of great stuff in there though! I did at least unwrap everything and drool over the components.
  13. Antiquation!

    The upside to coronovirus!

    Yeah. We just got a nursing home hit here in Kirkland. I'm personally not very worried about it (particularly as compared to all the other shit floating around out there), and the wife I'm pretty sure is more-or-less blissfully unaware as she avoids any form of news like a (the?) plague. In any...
  14. Antiquation!

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    Sure; I wasn't really looking to open that particular can of worms but the definition of "hard" sci-fi (why I originally put it in quotes) appears to differ fairly drastically depending on the person and their perspective. I would not define either of those as "hard" either, nor would I...
  15. Antiquation!

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    I think that's accurate. Your Middle Earth example for instance is spot-on for me; while I've read LotR/the Hobbit and seen the movies, it was both ages ago and I also didn't find them particularly entrancing with the exception of the Hobbit. My wife on the otherhand is neck-deep in the lore...
  16. Antiquation!

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    Too right! I think a similar premise also helps explain so many peoples aversions to "hard" sci-fi games. The level of thought and consideration necessary to maintain consistency and the suspension of disbelief as GM is simply higher in such a setting, and generally more difficult to interact...
  17. Antiquation!

    Irrational Hatreds in RPGs

    Yep. Even nicer if you're running a game set somewhere on Earth. I had no solid idea for what the fluctuations in South Africa's weather are like whilst prepping to run a cyberpunk game there, so I just pulled the perfectly accurate weather records for the time of year and kept track of the...
  18. Antiquation!

    Irrational Loves in RPGs

    I irrationally love mundane grit/struggle in my games. If things are too over-the-top I just don't get invested the same way. Exalted/Godbound and similar types of power fantasy premises are an absolute snoozefest to me, and at a certain point I just wonder "why even play? If I'm already a god...
  19. Antiquation!

    Irrational Indifference in RPGs

    I am indifferent to D20's and hobby in-jokes directly associated with them. "NAT TWENTY BRO!" "NATTY!" "NOOO NOT A NATTY ONE! DO I TRIP ON MY SHOELACES?!" I'm glad it excites some people but frankly I just don't get the fascination with that particular polyhedral outside its historical...
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