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  1. Stan

    Gangbusters B/X pbp

    I'm thinking about running a pbp game using the new B/X version of the Gangbusters rules. The provisional title is The Big Sleep in Naptown. The characters start as employees in a private investigation company in 1920s Indianapolis, which consists of: Major Harrison - an middle aged wealthy...
  2. Stan

    Random Tables

    I've been going through my game files, which are on a pc, laptop, external hard drive with the ghosts of old pcs, and a few flash drives. As I get things organized, I'll post stuff that might be useful to someone. Here are a few tables I've made in Excel which use code to pull entries from...
  3. Stan

    D&D 5e Homebrew

    Now and then, I screw around with rules and settings to relax. Lately, it's been mostly 5e stuff. Below are some links for things finished enough to read in the hopes someone else also gets some use out of them. If others have homebrew material, feel free to post it here. Battle Box Outlines...
  4. Stan

    GOG sale

    GOG is having a 10th anniversary sale. There's only a day left. Quite a bit of older stuff I haven't played that looks interesting. At the rate I play, I'll be able to get a year's worth of games for ~$10. Witcher, Witcher 2, Dungeon Keeper, are Dungeon Keeper 2 are <=$3 each. I also see...
  5. Stan

    Fantasy Mecha

    My son and I were brainstorming today about mecha like things for fantasy. 1. Imagine a typical fantasy world. Portals start opening and giants pour out, intent on conquest. They have ogre servants. They also have trained war pets such as dinosaurs and other huge creatures. 2. To deal...
  6. Stan

    Labyrinth Lord: Questions for the Oracle (Out of Character character thread)

    You can post any questions or comments you have in this thread.
  7. Stan

    Labyrinth Lord: Moonhollow Oracle (In character thread)

    Far to the north, there is a deep valley nestled in the Doomclaw Mountains. The wandering merchant Meneldo discovered a wondrous cave. It’s unusual in that it rarely exists. One night a lunar month, the moonlight shines on the side of a mountain and the cave appears. It probably has...
  8. Stan

    Short Labyrinth Lord pbp Game

    I started with Moldvay Basic and it's still one of my favorite games for it's simplicity. Labyrinth Lord is very close and it's available for free, so anyone who wants in can join. I have a play-by-post format which I pretentiously call 30 Minutes Until Midnight. Every day of real time is a...
  9. Stan

    Archipelago Generator

    My son wants to do a ship based adventure. I'm thinking this would be a great setup for a sandbox campaign. My recent re-exposure to Traveller and my long time love of tables made it obvious that I needed tables to generate a series of islands, modelled after Traveller's subsector generator...
  10. Stan

    Dark Age Historical Fantasy D&D 5e

    Here's a setting that I've been playing around with off and on and I finally have enough of a rough draft to show. It takes place in Britain during Alfred the Great. It's low magic, high fantasy. I haven't add time to add a bunch of flavor text so it's a tad dry and terse. If you get a...
  11. Stan

    simple games

    There are tons of fun rpgs. But it's hard to find players for anything that isn't the top 5 or so games. I sympathize. If anyone wants to run a pbp game for any game that's not too hard to learn, I'm game to give it a try. It can be something you made up, a 24 hour rpg you found, etc. In...