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    What are y'all up to these days?

    Are you describing Dumarest's Traveller game?
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    Fellow Gamers, Do you play with yourself?

    To each their own I say.
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    What games are you planning/hoping to play in 2020?

    I've never played GURPs. I'd like to try the 3rd edition of that I'd like to get a game of Talislanta Savage Lands in I'd like to play in the world of Justifiers but maybe not with the system. Any game with real live people (even online) on a regular basis.
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    I hate geese. A free roaming thread.

    It's important to track the goose conspiracy!
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    Games of the Decade?

    Relentlessly. Surprised the admin hasn't caught on and booted you out! Shameless!
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    Museum piece: Gaming article from 1988 (Asimov's Sci-Fi)

    I still have my copy of GWs Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
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    Games of the Decade?

    Way suck up to the admin....
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    This Old Argument

    I'm just gonna give my two cents. You two aren't going to agree. Your points have been made and are appreciated.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Don't tell me what kind of Christmas to have! It's my right to have a grumpy Christmas if I want to!
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    Scum and Villany in-character (IC) thread.

    Twitch is beginning the slow descent back to sobriety. No longer completely out of his mind but far from 100% Trip is aware of shouting and moving lights. The combination of those plus the beginings of awareness makes him nauseous. He likes off the side of the bed unaware of who might be...
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    Interest check: Old-school fantasy

    I'm having a good time and the pace is fine with me
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    People still playing Castles & Crusades?

    Do a Google search for: site: filetype:pdf And you should be able to find what you are looking for.
  13. Bunch

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    I'm not sure I'd place too much faith in 23&me results. I swear I've seen their results change over time so people have had and lost heritage's based on when the tests are done.
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    Games of the Decade?

    Don't worry I'm working on my necromancy! We may be dead but I'm still game!
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    Games of the Decade?

    Can we just all agree now on what retirement home and to go to so we can get some good gaming in? It has to have nice amenities so our wives can commiserate about being gaming widows.
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    People still playing Castles & Crusades?

    I feel like all game systems have flaws you have to work around. The only shipyard advice of "Pound to fit, paint to match" applies.
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    Traveller: Sinharaja Sector (in-character thread)

    "That's our cue to exit gentlemen." Trip says before making a bee line for the door.
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    People still playing Castles & Crusades?

    C&C first was published in 2004. OSRIC (I believe the first retroclone) was first published in 2006. OSRIC was I believe the first one to spend the time/legal fees to in so much as possible ensure making a clone of a non 3.X TSR/WotC product wasn't going to get you sued. I know for a while...
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    A Pub Update in Metrics

    Dec 12 2019 28,418 52,503 91,882 207,483 283,764 513,180 1,273,534 Previous date
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    People still playing Castles & Crusades?

    Metamorphosis Alpha's Starship Warden is getting a reboot via a just started Kickstarter using the same engine. Might drive an uptick in people playing