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  1. Baulderstone

    Alien: The Play

    North Bergen High School here in New Jersey just put on a school play version of Alien. As a bonus all the sets are made from things they found in the trash, which really suits the Alien aesthetic.
  2. Baulderstone

    Looks like Amazon is saving The Expanse

    The final deal isn't signed yet, but Amazon wants to do season four according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently Bezos is a big fan of the books and was upset Amazon didn't get the show in the first place. Must be nice to be able to bail out your favorite show out-of-pocket.
  3. Baulderstone

    Babylon 5 Watch Thread

    I've been reviewing Babylon 5 for the last couple of months with Brendan Davis on his Bedrock Podcast, and I have been meaning to start a thread here to discuss it as well just maximize my opportunity to nerd out about the show. I've watched the show before, but the last time I did was about...