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  1. CRKrueger

    Judge’s Guild Products

    Get them while you can, however you can. DTRPG has wiped JG from the face of the earth, and it’s safe to say the Goodman stuff won’t be reprinted. It appears Bob Jr. just destroyed his old man’s memory, which is a shame. Don’t bother asking why or how, can’t talk about it here, just realize...
  2. CRKrueger

    Best PDF (and other) Readers

    Not sure where to put this, but since most of us read PDFs and various formats of Ebook in addition to the corpses of our leafy brethren, I thought it would be a helpful thread for people to search. Windows PDF Xchange - Fast, lightweight, full of features, free. (There is a Premium Version, if...
  3. CRKrueger

    The Witcher Spoilers Thread - You have been warned!

    Woohoo, The Witcher dropped! A Merry Christmas from Netflix.
  4. CRKrueger

    Custom Dice (NOT Q-Workshop!)

    Q-Workshop dice are artistic, but spend too much of the die side with their baroque borders, leaving the actual numbers and symbols stuffed inside, camouflaged and way too small. If I had the eyes of a 10-year old, it wouldn’t be an issue, but it is. So they’re dead to me. Who else do you...
  5. CRKrueger

    Hey Star Wars GMs...

    1. What system do you use? 2. What system has the best robot construction rules? 3. What system has the best ship construction rules? 4. What system has the best ship combat rules? 5. Does anyone use the X-wing system for ship combat or any of the other war games for fleet battles or ground...
  6. CRKrueger

    Mandalorian [Spoilers - You have been warned!]

    Ok... I just hope it remains a series about a Mandalorian, out on the Rim, in the time after the Empire. If it ends up being “Here’s how the First Order started”, that’s good information, but not the show I was looking for.
  7. CRKrueger

    So, when you’re just not feelin’ it.

    6 players, 5 local one remote. Within the past few months... One dies unexpectedly. One finds himself a wife and job on the other side of the world. One takes a job that will have him on the road for a year living out of hotels. In the campaigns I’m running, those three were the party leaders...
  8. CRKrueger

    Middle Earth Gaming - What to steal?

    Ok, so say you’re going to run a campaign in Middle Earth in your favorite system, whatever that is. What would you steal and fold, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise convert into that system from... A. Other Middle Earth RPGs or B. Other non-Middle Earth RPGs?
  9. CRKrueger

    Matt Colville on Roleplaying

    Discuss. :drink: I'll chime in a little later, I want people to comment on his ideas, not start off by responding to mine. :shade:
  10. CRKrueger

    Pendragon - Best version of the Manor Rules?

    There have been several versions of the game, and multiple revisions of Book of the Manor, Book of the Estate, etc. including some “advanced” versions Stafford sold on his own site. In your opinion, what’s the best version, the most complete, etc? If you know, how does it compare to HarnManor?
  11. CRKrueger

    Petition: Crowdfunding Forum

    The current state of affairs is: Specific Kickstarter threads in the RPG or Board and Miniatures Forums get quickly lost in the forum churn. Crowdfunding mega-threads with multiple projects entered as posts are just a random mess. We have only 8 forums, we’re not exactly spamming them left and...
  12. CRKrueger

    FYI on ICE Stuff on DTRPG

    This may be a newsflash to absolutely nobody, but ICE has a ton of their old stuff up on DTRPG, including a bunch of Cyberspace (their Cyberpunk game based on Spacemaster). Having only the original book and the Chicago Arcology from back in the day, I wasn’t aware that they had so many...
  13. CRKrueger

    Payment in the RPG Industry

    So ignoring Mod criticism, Zak vs. Justin and Zak vs. everybody, one thing I think we can all agree on is... James Raggi's model is working... He's getting bumps from awards. He's getting a fat tail that seems to be getting fatter for some products as the OSR is growing and his rep is...
  14. CRKrueger

    Dumarest of Terra TV Series

    Don't remember seeing a thread about this, so here you go. Aside from Dumarest himself, I think there will be other people who will dig this. I just picked up the first Dumarest book and so far I can say I will need catch up on my Tubb (the same way I started catching up on my Piper last month).
  15. CRKrueger

    The Witcher is...Superman!

    Netflix’s Witcher series just cast Henry Cavill (current DCU Superman) as Geralt. He certainly has the physique and the jawline for it, and as Angry Superman in Justice League he was pretty scary, but they’ll have to scar and weather the hell out of him, and dunno about the voice. What do you...
  16. CRKrueger

    WFRP4 - Preview PDF - Impressions, Reviews, etc.

    So, now it's out, so I figure I'll start a thread specifically about the game as we know it in this newly released pdf. This will be some scattered impressions, as I just downloaded it this morning and glanced over it before work. First the most important thing... What Warhammer setting is...
  17. CRKrueger

    Star Wars Imperial/Rifts Coalition campaigns

    Anyone do any? :grin: Rifts Coalition campaigns are a little bit easier I think as Earth was torn apart by magic, hostile aliens as well as actual demons and devils and even Cthulhoid type entities exist. That innocent looking mutant with a copy of the Necronomican can very well summon...
  18. CRKrueger

    Lexicon of the Throne: WTH?

    Sine Nomine (aka Kevin Crawford) has a new release for Godbound, Lexicon of the Throne. It's been number one on DTRPG for a week and is still number two, and was number on on RPGnow for a while and is still fifth. I would think a supplement for a "God-game" would drop off much more quickly...
  19. CRKrueger

    DCCRPG - What's your setting like?

    Pretty much just what the title says. With the Law/Chaos axis, the rather harsh Cleric disapproval, the chaotic and corrupting magic system, the gonzo and disconnected nature of the published adventures, etc, it doesn't seem like there's a setting that DCC is really a match for without taking a...
  20. CRKrueger

    Contessa Megabundle on DTRPG

    Contessa Bundle of Awesome For $25 you get... Full RPGs Wasteland 2099 Fear Itself 2nd Edition Doctor Who RPG (this one costs more than the bundle by itself) Cryptomancer N.E.W - Science Fiction RPG Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells Notable Supplements Transhuman Space Classic for GURPS...