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  1. raniE

    I might be done with epic tv-shows

    As the title says, I think I might be done with epic tv-shows. You know, the kind that has fantastic production values, gets movie caliber actors, has an enormous plot that takes an entire season, or more likely several seasons, to deliver. The awesome spectacle that back in the 90s and early...
  2. raniE

    Do you see games more as art or technology?

    I'm involved in rpg discussions in other places as well. In one of those places, a Facebook group for Swedish rpg players, a discussion about games and nostalgia recently came up. I went into the discussion questioning why old games, games based on older designs and games using older style...
  3. raniE

    Swedish gaming conventions vs American (and other nationalities)

    I help run a gaming convention in Sweden (GothCon, the biggest and longest running gaming convention in Sweden). I’ve gone to this con every year since 2004. I’ve also been to several other cons in Sweden. And though there are differences, most of them have a lot of similar features. Nut...
  4. raniE

    Please help me understand demon summoning and binding in Magic World/BRP

    So, I've been recently looking through the new Magic World with thoughts of running a fantasy campaign (more on that in another post), and I looked closer at the demon summoning rules. Now, I've never played the new Magic World, my experience with BRP comes mainly from the Swedish iterations of...