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  1. Dumarest

    Boot Hill: Pima County

    Stone-boat, mule, and Rydell have come and gone since earlier in the day.
  2. Dumarest

    The Thirteen Moons of Shamballa (in-character thread)

    "The devil!" Baron Bonario interjects. "I daresay we lead charmed lives, my friends. If not for the Emperor's invasion of Volcana, we'd be prisoners, and you, your highness--" he gestures at Prince Volpone "--may well have been made a eunuch by now!" "Ah!" Prince Volpone exclaims. "I reason the...
  3. Dumarest

    Traveller: Sinharaja Sector (in-character thread)

    [You guys must live charmed lives. I just rolled nine times, once for each gunman, for shooting at the truck's occupants at medium range. Even if I hadn't factored in small negative modifiers due to your cover and suppressive fire, not a single bullet would have hit any of you. The highest I...
  4. Dumarest

    Boot Hill: Pima County

  5. Dumarest

    Boot Hill: Pima County

  6. Dumarest

    OD&D in-character thread

    [I'm assuming you all ate and slept in the crypt.] You awaken to a scraping sound and realize it's metal on stone as the gnomes attempt to pry glittering jewels loose from the sarcophagus. When the gnomes realize you're conscious, they furtively jam hands into pockets and begin whispering. In...
  7. Dumarest

    Stay Frosty: Memories of the Sun

    I'll cover the other guy. "As far as I'm concerned we have carte blanche with regard to rescuing anyone," I say to both civilians. "There was nothing in our orders about helping you out of here. And even less about not just killing you right now to be on the safe side. And you all know by now...
  8. Dumarest

    Larry DiTillio has passed

  9. Dumarest

    Stay Frosty (Interest Check)

    Yeah, he's bad news and I have half a mind to fry him.
  10. Dumarest

    Stay Frosty: Memories of the Sun

    I torch the corpse just to be safe and say, "I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter!" I torch the head and any other parts just to be safe. [Did he do something?]
  11. Dumarest

    [Flashing Blades] How do you run combats against more than one enemy?

    I'll try to remember to check it when I get home.
  12. Dumarest

    Larry DiTillio has passed

    Wait, when did the topic change to superhero comic books? :hehe:
  13. Dumarest

    Boot Hill: Pima County

    I'll update this thread after I get home from work.* If we haven't heard from @AsenRG and @Bunch re: what Juan and Jesús are doing, I'll assume they're visiting the assayer with Cisco. * i.e., about four hours from now.
  14. Dumarest

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    MySpace still existing is even sadder news. :hmmm:
  15. Dumarest

    Larry DiTillio has passed

    You'd think the best move would be to reprint it as-is and just swap out the stats to reflect the latest edition.
  16. Dumarest

    Larry DiTillio has passed

    Totally forgot about that until you mentioned it. That and Gigi d'Arn's column were lots of fun.
  17. Dumarest

    The Prog Rock Thread

    Some of us make the time. :thumbsup: Even with non-prog and non-jazz, I prefer to listen to a record all the way through as the artist intended.
  18. Dumarest

    OD&D and B/X

    For me, given that armor, hit points, classes, levels, one-minute combat rounds, damage dealt, saving throws, and everything else in D&D (as I knew it, anyway) is so abstract (which seemed to have been the point), I don't think it makes any sense to try to change one of those with the aim of...
  19. Dumarest

    What are you listening to?

    Wait, what? Mark Hollis is dead? :shock: Nobody told me. Big Spirit of Eden fan. Goddam. :thumbsdown:
  20. Dumarest

    (Interest Check) Original Dungeons & Dragons Play-by-Post

    With the tragic death of our lackadaisical, avaricious, blasé, greedy, and insouciant elf, we have room for another player if anyone wants to roll up a PC (3d6 in order!) and join us.