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    Castle Forlorn is one of the best Ravenloft adventures, it is close to a mini-sandbox with lots of self-contained locations you could use for a shorter session.
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    Would be but I'll be moving.
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    Stay Frosty III - Welcome to the Jungle

    I let the others know what the Walker has told me: The Walker AI transmits an emergency broadcast to Potter's mind. A SOS signal from a bunker about 2km South of here. The priority is high, so upper resort management. Maybe even the owners. It would take them away from the hotel however. It's...
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    What are you listening to?

    She's a Rainbow is one of their best singles.
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    Dragonlance lawsuit filed

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    The Great Pendragon Thread

    I'd also recommend Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave, a coming-of-age tale of Merlin. I'm not usually one for series and the book is quite self-contained but I do want to check out her other books from the viewpoint of young Modred and Arthur as well.
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    Games Suited For Younger Gamers - Give Me Your Recommendations

    I think using one's younger self as some kind of guide to all other kids is not a good approach. We're the tiny minority for whom D&D and other rpgs stuck, in my experience most kids bounced off D&D hard or quickly lost interest. That is why this was a niche hobby for so long. Some kids won't...
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    The Great Pendragon Thread

    Once and Future King does has strong themes of magical thining and technological 'progress.'
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    The Great Pendragon Thread

    I see James Lowder is in charge of the project now and he has the right professional background to guide it to completion. But it seems the book(s) are limited to backers only.
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    Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated

    Seems unlikely that WotC or any Hasbro executive told Goodman Games 'no maps' for new material. WotC's own adventures come with extensive maps and I doubt a Hasbro executive spends 5 minutes even thinking of this tiny side project.
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    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    May have already mentioned that my family couldn't afford Transformers so I got GoBots instead and I ended up digging them more anyway.
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    Dragonlance lawsuit filed

    Agreed, it all seems a bit too in the weeds and typical business wrangling to bother forming an opinion on one way or the other.
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    [Halloween] Top 13 Favourite Horror Films by Decade

    I remember what a total surprise Cemetary Man was when I rented it. A classic.
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    Good book on traps?

    I keep seeing the title of this thread as 'Books on tapes.' The 5e Volo's Guide has a chapter on traps but I skipped it and don't have it handy right now.
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    Advanced Edition Tables with Javascript

    I like the NPC personae generator in particular.
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    Looking for a blog post. Sounds in a dungeon and how they precede wandering monsters/traps

    I looked for this and never found it either.
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    The Big Generation X Nostalgia Thread

    I had this dude. Is he a Go-bot or something else?
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    Traveller with Advantage/Disadvantage

    I coulda sworn I read a 2d6 game recently where it had a mechanic where you could add third d6 and take the highest and in other situations the extra d6 but take the lowest. Not sure what the maths on that look like.
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    The Great Pendragon Thread

    I want a hardcopy so I'm keeping an eye out for it as a reasonable price online.
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    Modern RPG/OSR Artists