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  1. Séadna

    High Colonies

    Very interested in this. It's a new Hard Sci-Fi setting from Columbia games where Earth has suffered a cataclysm and the human population has been reduced to twenty million who now live on asteroids, space stations and moons. They've made a serious attempt to be scientifically accurate, which...
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    Just thought I start a thread here for all of the comics taking place in Mike Mignola's universe. Hellboy, BPRD, Abe Sapien and Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder I've nothing particular to say at the moment, but I'll just give a little advice on collecting the series in Omnibus form. Basically...
  3. Séadna

    Let's Read the ALIEN RPG

    So here's a new thread about one of my favourite new RPGs: Fria Ligan's ALIEN. The intention is to go through the book with two main aims: 1. A summary of the rules to help others see if they'd like it 2. Some commentary on the setting material and how it relates to and expands previous...
  4. Séadna

    Stay Frosty III - Welcome to the Jungle

    Another day dawns over the only landmass on the beautiful world of Joshi's Garden. The island that is home to the famous ultra-luxurious hunting resort: Devana's Lodge. Named for the Slavic goddess of the hunt. The resort is comprised of one of the finest hotels in the galaxy built into the...
  5. Séadna

    Stay Frosty III - Interest Check

    Okay so the third game of Stay Frosty. A game that attempts to explore the human condition by analysing what drives a person to kill millions of aliens. It's an OSR ruleset focused on doing point crawls of interstellar marines trapped in weird locations, like Starship Troopers, Aliens or the...
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    Worlds without Number

    Crawford's fantasy equivalent of Stars without Number has an updated beta now:
  7. Séadna

    Mythras: Breifne

    OOC: @AsenRG ,@Stan ,@Scuba Steve ,@Southpaw Basic context is you've been invited to the King's court for the Summer feast. @Stan is there to great you with the king's brother It's a cold May evening as Lughaidh and Cormag stand on the shores of Upper Lake watching a currach boat inch slowly...
  8. Séadna

    Mythras Game - New Spaces Open

    Inspired by @AsenRG 's post here: The idea would be a short scenario in Mythras using the lighter Mythras Imperative rules that could then broaden out if people felt like...
  9. Séadna

    Let's Read GURPS Celtic Myth

    To give myself a bit of variation on the Alpha Centauri Let's Read and because of the day it is, I thought that I'd start off this Let's Read. Published in 2000 by Steve Jackson Games the book gives an overview of the worlds of Irish and Welsh myth as informed by historical research for use...
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    Spanish Medieval BRP goodness is finally here! Got to play a game in Barcelona a long time ago so looking forward to more!! Not sure if Chaosium will be printing non-POD versions.
  11. Séadna

    Let's read GURPS Alpha Centauri

    In 1999 Firaxis Games released "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" for the PC. A God game where the player guides the development of human civilization on Chiron, known in game as "Planet", a mostly habitable world orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Throughout I'll just use Planet. The story woven by the game...
  12. Séadna

    Mothership - Titan

    Lassiter, Finn and Cooper all wake to a headache and sterile phosphorescent lighting as their sleeper pods open up. The room they find themselves in has metallic walls painted white with red stripes which have begun to flake. It's so clean it almost looks laminated. It's also bare. No chairs...
  13. Séadna

    Mothership - Titan

    Game is set clearly enough on Titan, Saturn's moon. Year is 2185 and the colony is nearly fifty years old and the most distant colony from Earth. Titan itself remains mostly unterraformed, still raining methane etc. The colony is built into the bed rock of a lake whose lower levels contain...
  14. Séadna

    Historical Pirates

    The "Sold Collection" thread got me thinking about this. What are good games out there for running a historical campaign in the Spanish Main complete with pirates etc?
  15. Séadna

    Stay Frosty II - Hitching a ride

    Once more Potter finds himself strapped into a strike sphere. Above him, on the roof from his perspective, is the new recruit "Griff". Straight out of the academy but with stellar results. On one of the first missions of his career he'd managed to successfully blow open a pirate ship hull...
  16. Séadna

    Stay Frosty II - Interest Check

    Okay so a new game of Stay Frosty. OSR ruleset for doing point crawls of interstellar marines trapped in weird locations, like Starship Troopers, Aliens or the Doom games. Summary of game here and a previously run game here. The scenario this time is you're a bunch of marines who are called in...
  17. Séadna

    Norse Myth

    I'm sure many here know of him, but in case you don't Dr. Jackson Crawford of the University of Colorado has a great youtube channel on Norse myth. The landscapes in his videos are pretty amazing as well. Some of my favourites:
  18. Séadna

    Adventure Book RPGs

    Just a thread on people favourite choose your own adventure books with an RPG element. I'm going through the (reprints of) the Blood Sword series. Really fun D&D type world.
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    Issues with the forum

    I've stayed quiet for too long on some of these issues. Despite @Baulderstone 's constant threats, I feel I must speak up. Can we have an actual official position from the admins on swo? @Raleel 's constant trolling and derailing of any Mythras thread needs to stop. You hate the system, we...
  20. Séadna

    Quality of POD

    There's a few books I'm interested in that have a POD on both Drivethrurpg and Lulu. Does one have slightly higher/noticeable quality?