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  1. Ulairi

    The Fantasy Trip the Decks of Destiny Kickstarter A whole heepin pile of stuff for the Fantasy Trip. I'm excited for all of these things.
  2. Ulairi

    Palladium Megaversal Insider program for the Bestiary book Palladium is running their own KS/Pre Order campaign for the Bestiary One book. I'm in for $200 which gets me the "limited' hard cover as well as the special "limited" crimson cover, some art, raw previews, and my name in the book...
  3. Ulairi

    Palladium Books website refresh Palladium has a modern website. My mind is blown! Maybe the refresh rule set will actually come out next year!
  4. Ulairi

    GaryCon anyone else going?

    Anybody else going to be there? I'm running RuneQuest all weekend. We could do a meet up and the bar.
  5. Ulairi

    Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated

    Goodman Games released their second reprinting and update of old D&D modules, X1 the Isle of Dread. Earlier this year they releases B1 and B2, entitled 'Into the Borderlands'. I really loved their treatment of B1 and B2 as B2 is very special as it wad the fist D&D module I played (like a lot...
  6. Ulairi

    Have all of my money! Savage Robotech is official
  7. Ulairi

    The Rifter 82: Remembering Erick Wujcik

    I know we have a murder of old Palladium fans here and a lot of folks are quite fond of the TMNT RPG, this quarter's Rifter is a remembrance of Erick Wujcik, who sadly died 10 years ago of cancer. Palladium has posted a preview that has a lot of the Wujcik content and I dare you old ones to read...
  8. Ulairi

    Does the world end when the PCs die?

    So, over on G+ there was a post about how awful PC death is and yadda yadda and what struck me reading it was that it seemed for a lot of referees when their PCs die either through a TPK or any PC death that the world stops, it’s as if the world exists entirely for the adventuring party. I’m...
  9. Ulairi

    Palladium's 20 Years of Christmas Joy

    Palladium Book's is having the twentieth anniversary of their Christmas Grab Bags. I remember getting mine, twenty years ago, through mail order via The Rifter. For those of unaware for $46 + Shipping you'll get on average between $90 and $100 worth of stuff. People give a list of about 10 items...
  10. Ulairi

    WoD substitutes

    With the WoD news I'm looking for a new game to purchase. I was excited by the idea of a modern, real world horror setting. My first inclination is to try Nightbbane and with the Palladium Christmas grab bags happening it's a good time to buy in. Any other suggestions? I tend to enjoy more...
  11. Ulairi

    Play a game this weekend and honor Greg Stafford

    Greg Stafford's family is rallying gamers to have fun in honor of his passing this coming weekend, November 10. The BRP forums have all the details: I'm at Gamehole Con this weekend and we did much honoring. I'll be...
  12. Ulairi

    Dragon Heresy RPG 5E OGL

    Anybody else back this? I'm a big fan of Doug Cole from his works on GURPS. For those of you who don't know, Doug is from Minnesota and really into Viking stuff including Viking martial arts (which I didn't know was a thing until recently). He's run a few Kickstarters and he's the exception to...
  13. Ulairi

    RuneQuest Glorantha physical books finally here

    I got my email with the coupon from purchasing the pdf and just purchased my leather bound copy. Heads up for the rest of you filthy animals.
  14. Ulairi

    RPG Novel recommendations

    With the wife and kids safely in a China until September 2nd I have lots of free time in the evenings. I never really read a lot of gaming based fiction. I read the first Drizzit books back in the 90’s and never really cared for the Realms. With Warhammer coming back and Ignoring the lame Age...
  15. Ulairi

    I actually found a Japanese cartoon I like....

    I’m sure you all are already very familiar with the Record of Lodoss War but I first heard about it at last months Palladium Open House. It’s really good! And from what I’ve read online the show started and was based on the creators AD&D games, not sure if they are referring to the cartoon or...
  16. Ulairi

    Mutant Crawl Classics

    My Kickstarter package just arrived. Anybody else get theirs? Like all of the Goodman Games MCC/DCC products the art is fantastic and I love me my black and white interiors. I’ve only played in a handful of DCC games and funnily enough the referee was running DCC as a sci-fi/post apocalypse game...
  17. Ulairi

    What IP are you surprised by not having a licensed RPG

    Im re reading the Wheel of Time series and I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a licensed game for it since WoTC releases a couple books in like 2001. The series is one of the best selling fantasy stories and GRR Martin said it’s the most important American fantasy series. Any movies/books...
  18. Ulairi

    Dragon Heresy Kickstarter

    I wanted to share a KS I’m backing, Dragon Heresy, It’s from Douglas Cole that has written a lot of GURPS material and has KS two other products that came in on time or ahead of schedule. I really...
  19. Ulairi

    Captcha is down so folks can not sign up

    a friend is trying to join and is having issues. Anybody else report this?
  20. Ulairi

    Keep on the Borderlands 5E

    apparently this is out and I cannot find it anywhere. Anybody here get it?