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Tian Chang: Lone Wolf Fists Kickstarter
  1. TristramEvans

    Star Wars Appendix N

    So I was recently reading through my West End Games Star Wars RPG 1e books, as they were on my mind following the Mandalorian finale and several conversations here at The Pub, and I noted something interesting. The Star Wars sourcebook has a bibliography of sorts, what essentially amounts to...
  2. TristramEvans

    Star Frontiers: State of the Franchise 2021

    An interesting video on the history of the game's publishing and a plea to get a new sort of community formed. I remember for the longest time online there was a rather extensive fan-content based community online that existed in the same sort of limbo-state as Classic Marvel Forever, which...
  3. TristramEvans

    Dungeon Craft: Critical Role, Pokemon, and the Future of D&D

    So this video attracted some attention in one of the online groups I frequent, and I watched it, and I don't know what I think To a certain extent, I think a lot of it is complaints I've heard for the last 20 years - "D&D used to be hardcore, now every character is a special snowflake", and...
  4. TristramEvans

    2021 Kickstarters/Bundle of Holdings Thread

    Figured I'd kick off the new year with this month's Changeling: The Dreaming Bundle, all proceeds of which goes to pay the medical bills of the husband of Jackie Cassada, one of the original Changeling authors who we recently lost to Covid...
  5. TristramEvans

    What's Your Favourite "What is a RolePlaying Game?"

    For the life of the hobby, one of the hardest things seems to be putting in succinct terms "What is a Role-Playing Game?" Much like riding a bike, it is obviously very simple to learn by doing, but it seems difficult to describe in prose. Thus, this is the only game that I can think of where an...
  6. TristramEvans

    Marvel Masterworks 94% off sale

    I was going to post this in the Marvel thread, but as it's a limited time offer, I figured it'd be best for now anyways, give everyone the best chance to be aware of this deal.. Comixology is having a sale on all Marvel Masterworks volumes at up to 94% off (99 cents to $1.99 a volume)...
  7. TristramEvans

    Altered Carbon RPG Saw the first season of the TV series, and liked it a lot. Heard the books were good. But not familiar with the company that adapted this rpg (Hunters Entertainment). Anyone pick this up? Any thoughts?
  8. TristramEvans


    TristramEvans submitted a new resource: BLOODP.O.U.C.H. - Rob Liefeld Role-Playing Read more about this resource...
  9. TristramEvans

    Christmas One-Shots

    Are you planning to, or have you ever run a themed game for the season? Does your ongoing campaign world perhaps feature a Yule-equivalent festival? Does Krampus plague your naughty player characters? Any Hannuka horrors in your gameplay?
  10. TristramEvans

    Phaserip - Hacking Mini-game

    So here are some rules for Hacking I came up with that I'm going to be playtesting next time my group gets together, after New Year. I did a ton of research into real-life hacking, and then threw it all out basically, because it's incredibly boring. I wanted instead to simulate the Hollywood...
  11. TristramEvans

    Mekton - a history of failure

    The following essay tracing the history of the Mekton game was origially posted online by a fellow with the screen name "Iguankick", and recovered via the archive. Though I have no way of veryifying how factual it is, and no sources are given, it might be worth taking with a grain of salt, but...
  12. TristramEvans

    Random thoughts I had Regarding Lord of the Rings while Dreaming

    For some reason in my dreams last night I was carrying on a heated discussion regarding Lord of the Rings. I don't have any idea why, it wasn't something I'd been thinking about to any extent in the last week, and weirdly, I wasn't regurgitating anything I'd said in real life, which happens...
  13. TristramEvans

    Do You Even Math Bro?

  14. TristramEvans

    Wizards of the Coast for Sale?

    No, probably not. Sounds like a stupid internet rumour to me, why would Hasbro sell at the height of the game's popularity during their tenure...
  15. TristramEvans

    How to Not buy Paint for Anish Kapoor...

    So Musou Black paint has been made available for purchase from Japan, the world's blackest, mattest paint ever developed.. And, of course I want to get a hold of some, but before paying for overseas shipping I figured I'd see if I could find a North American retailer, which led me to Stuart...
  16. TristramEvans

    Totally Random Thread of Random Charts

    In my tour of RPG blogs I often come across nifty and unique charts, and figured we could use a thread to highlight some of them, for interest or inspiration. To start off, here is Box Full of Boxes' Bounty Hunter Target Generators d8 How much is the bounty worth? 1 A pittance, barely...
  17. TristramEvans

    Is Anyone Still Playing Vampire 5th Edition?

    If so, how has the system held up over longterm play? What new supplements have come out, and how is the game line proceeding with Hite's departure?
  18. TristramEvans

    Fudging Dice Rolls

    I was going to bring this topic up in the bad GMing thread, but figured that might be dooming it from the outset. Anyways, here's an interesting video on fudging dice rolls by a man who obviously owns a blowdryer...
  19. TristramEvans

    [OSR] Diagetic Classes

    Awful pretentious-Scientology-sounding name aside, came across this interesting blog post about removing the class/level system from OSR The term "Diagesis" is here used in reference to another blog post by Cavegirl that I'll quote first...
  20. TristramEvans

    What Makes a "Good GM"?

    Spun off from another thread, what in your opinion are the qualifiers that make for a Good Game Master/Dungeon Master/Judge/Referee/Hollyhock God? What are some *best practices*? What are some observations/advice of long-term/experienced GMs and players? (Please note that this is not in...
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