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  1. Voros

    DC Comics

    Is Krypton any good? I watched about half of the first episode and was underwhelmed and I'm a sucker for sf. Course hakf an episode isn't much to go on so I'll be giving it another try but I'm wondering if it is worth my time. New trailer looks fun.
  2. Voros

    What are you listening to?

    This has been in my head all day after hearing it at the coffeeshop this morning. My favourite Beatles track. Love Billy Preston's fills, John is singing his heart out and Ringo's drumming is on point.
  3. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    Good news on that front. Watch, in a few years Solo will start to be reassesed as underappreciated. Kinda how back in the day fans were mixed on Empire but many prominent film critics like Kael were more postive. Ironically it was the fans who came round to the critics viewpoint over time...
  4. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

  5. Voros

    Adventure Book RPGs

    I've got these two on order.
  6. Voros

    [IC] Ynn by way of Knave

    If I look around from my current position what do I see to the North, West, etc?
  7. Voros

    Since I don't know what it is seems like a good subject for a thread!

    Since I don't know what it is seems like a good subject for a thread!
  8. Voros

    Let's Skim the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

    I am oblivious to any Doctor after Tom Baker. Mainly because the Baker series played on PBS when I was a kid.
  9. Voros

    Official PlayStation 5 Information

    Ny PS3 is a tank that is still working. Keep intending to complete Vanguish on it!
  10. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    I was surprised at liking the latest Rambo film, the best one since First Blood (filmed in Hope, BC btw!).
  11. Voros

    Cherokee cave writings reveal sacred messages

    Amazing. The Trail of Tears...a real tragedy.
  12. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    Totally agree. I consider the best American director today to be Paul Thomas Anderson and his films seem to studiously ignore modern trends in filmmaking. I remember him mentioning in an interview that he leaves TCM on in his house all the time so he can soak it up even when it is playing in the...
  13. Voros

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Well that’s pure speculation so perhaps wait til it happens before you worry about it.
  14. Voros

    Official PlayStation 5 Information

    I only picked up my PS4 last year.
  15. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    I think appreciation of ‘modern geek culture’ would be more of an impediment to being a good film director than a boon.
  16. Voros

    Traveller: Sinharaja Sector (in-character thread)

    I wait in the truck with my gun ready to see what happens.
  17. Voros

    Where I skim Tales of Gor

    I agree in that I think a lot of those who were buying the later books in the series were doing so because they were thinly disguised ‘erotic literature’ that one could safely purchase and read in public with most being none the wiser (although I prefer the blunter term pornography to ‘erotic...
  18. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    I don’t see that parallel. The Greek chorus are usually lamenting, predicting doom or making ironic comment. Not giving thumbs ups and warm fuzzies. The Ghost Jedi are more a trope taken from classic Hollywood melodramas where the dead are presented as transparent ghosts overlooking their...
  19. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    I think Lucas just wanted to tie everything up in a pretty bow at the end and make sure the kids left the theatre feeling good. I think the Ghost Jedi are silly but now enjoy them for their camp value, hell they’re surrounded by chirping Ewoks!
  20. Voros

    The Prog Rock Thread

    I was probably sounding harsher than I intended. Their vocals are okay but to me I’m often left wondering ‘when’s the next instrumental?’ Which speaks to the quality of those tracks. My personal pick would be Pilgrimage. The first LP is worthwhile just for ‘Phoenix’ alone. Lots of people love...