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  1. Silverlion

    Checking in on everyone.

    I lost a gamer friend due to too covid related issues last week, didn't find out until Sunday. With last week, and exhaustion over the weekend; I had a mini-anxiety/depression attack and checked a lot of people I know online; on Facebook, mostly in private messages. So now that I'm not...
  2. Silverlion

    So I want to do a hack...

    I want to create a hack, inspired heavily by my favorite versions of a specific game. However, I'm not above throwing out sacred cows. My starting structure is a game with A) Ability scores, Classes (Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Thief), and Racial Classes (Note this is simply the most commoning...
  3. Silverlion

    Odd question, Dave Arneson.

    I had an odd question about Dave Arneson, I could have sworn he was working on or had released a game of his own with Dragon in the title, not abnormal for fantasy, but I can't seem to find mention of it. Has anyone heard of such a thing, another RPG by Arneson?
  4. Silverlion


    As anyone heard from Dumarest since the 30th of October? I know its not a huge amount of time and there is a lot going on, but I was curious.
  5. Silverlion

    Any Ideas for for what to do with humans?

    I'm trying to spin new racial deviations from expectations of what they are--sure the race names will be the pretty much same as their source materials, but I'm considering some variances as well. Right now I have two axioms: Must differ from standard (typical) presentations, must be memorable...
  6. Silverlion


    So I was perusing Superworld (based on the same system as Elric/Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, and so many more now "BRP" system. ) Has anyone considered running the beginning of a game as themed tightly to a CoC game set in the modern era, then switches gears as a Cthulhu-esque origin story...
  7. Silverlion

    So new Aeon/Trinity?

    My opinion is its overcomplicating the Nwod/Cwod system, but that's personal taste, anyone else have a point of view or want to elucidate how to simplify it?
  8. Silverlion

    Games of "Not Earth but..."

    So, list games here, for amusement purposes help me name games whose names are deliberate "Earth" ish or a respelling thereof (or close for our purposes) Not: Ars Magic's Mythic Europe/Earth Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Marginal: 7th Sea's Theah. (It's sorta an analog
  9. Silverlion

    High Valor PDF On Sale

    For a limited time to add to your reading enjoyment, and situations, whatever they may be. High Valor
  10. Silverlion

    Game Naming...Not your father's Old School.

    So I've an idea for a game that's a chack of 2E AD&D with Character role/Megaclass (Martial, Magician, Cleric (Mystic?), Rogue (Any M suggestions?) Then you have the normal classes, then a limited kit list (mostly proficiency packages and a few limits, but optional per DM use--they can represent...
  11. Silverlion

    Cartoon Post-Apoclypse Craziness: Second Sun

    Here ya go. I plan on tinkering with this more but kindly try it out, take it for a spin. Setting a PC Creation...
  12. Silverlion

    Black Void

    So, on a friend's recommendation I picked up Black Void. It sounded awesome, I ended up disappointed and returning it (to Amazon.) Because it was a fantasy game. It seems to be a really solid "Lovecraftian" themed fantasy game. The system was solid and traditional, but relatively simple, lots of...
  13. Silverlion

    Sell me on.....

    Sell me on something that's not traditional fantasy, that really stands out and you enjoy, preferably not OSR (I've got a favorite there in Beyond the Wall), and I'm looking more for SF/Supers/Pulp/Wuxia/Etc. Something relatively new, or amazing to you.
  14. Silverlion

    AD&D Second Edition

    So there isn't a lot of love for this one--despite some good ideas (YMMV, IMHO.) However, if you played 2E AD&D, what did you like? What would you take for an OSR game if anything? AD&D2E is still my favorite for a lot of reasons (don't get me wrong 5e is fun) but the worlds and flexibility...
  15. Silverlion

    Help Find a Mini!

    I was skimming things looking for a Fu Lion (Shinsa) for a superhero game (long story that.) I ran across a miniature (either printable, or already pewter made) of a cybernetic/armored sci-fi Fu lion, and despite my immense googling skills. I cannot locate it again. I mention the sci-fi element...
  16. Silverlion

    AMA: Silverlion Studios Games (Hearts & Souls, High Valor, and upcoming projects)

    I hope this counts as going here, as opposed to Game Design. However, feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about Hearts & Souls, or High Valor or whatever.
  17. Silverlion

    Hearts & Souls 2E Delta Test.

    I'm going to open up the document to commenting starting Sunday. Please be kind. I'm looking to tighten up what is a high trust superhero game. If that isn't for you, no big. Just remember, I'm sharing an unfinished (unedited, un-revised/laid out and thus chaotic) manuscript.
  18. Silverlion

    Anyone familiar with PbtA games?

    Anywhere really familiar with PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse) engine?
  19. Silverlion


    In my space opera game, mechanically I'm planning on the basic mechanics being 2d6+stance+daring. Stance is "how do you do this?" much like FAE's approaches. However, I've only got three: Daring, Ingenuity, and Cunning. Does anyone have a better suggestion for Cunning as a term? To make it stand...
  20. Silverlion


    Thursday 10/25 at 6 PM CST I'll be there talking and answering questions!
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