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  1. Fenris-77

    Blades in the Dark - Grifters

    I'm going to be playing in a Blades game starting next week and there might be room for one more player (we have two currently, and the group is going to be small on purpose). We're pretty sure that Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards is going to be the touchstone for the game, and we will most...
  2. Fenris-77

    Freeform Spell Casting for OSR Games

    So, a caveat, this is firmly based on the particular OSR rules found in the Black Hack 2E, because that's my current OSR rules set. I think it should be easily portable though. This is very much a rough cut, so I'm looking for some input about point cost, complexity, blah blah. So, to start...
  3. Fenris-77

    An OSR Infiltration System

    I'm busy bashing away at my Black Hack hack, and after looking at a bunch of different rules sets I came up with something that seems pretty slick to run multi-step infiltration type scenarios in a way that sidesteps binary pass-fail issues. I'm looking for ideas and critique, so I'm just going...
  4. Fenris-77

    Trade Dress and the OGL

    I've never actually produced rules that I might want to distribute before, so haven't really had the need to get into the nitty-gritty of the OGL. I know a bunch of you peeps have though, so I thought I ask for some advice. I had two questions to start. First, to what extent is the precise text...
  5. Fenris-77

    Cobblefell IC

    August 5th, a sunny Friday, You awake just after dawn to the comforting smell of curing tobacco and a whiff of wood smoke from the pot stove. Emmet must be making tea. The light of the rising sun glances through cracks between the slats in the barn wall and dust motes dance in the rays...
  6. Fenris-77

    Cobblefell OOC Thread

    I'll eventually full this up with links and documents. In the Beginning... You arrived in Cobblefell about a week ago, provisioned and ready to head out into the wilds in search of glory. However, the Adventuring Writ you were expecting to be waiting for you has not yet arrived. You have been...
  7. Fenris-77

    OSR Spelljammer

    It hadn't even occurred to me to run this, but having had the idea I want to, eventually. I'm taking recommendations for rules sets, as I don't really own anything appropriate other than Into the Odd. I'd to get a couple of treatments in hand so I can piece together a bespoke rules set at some...
  8. Fenris-77

    Black Hack 2E DM Reference

    Fenris-77 submitted a new resource: Black Hack 2E DM Reference - 2E DM Rules and Reference Read more about this resource...
  9. Fenris-77

    (Interest Check) Black Hack 2E: Cobblefell

    Hi folks. I'm going to running an old school fantasy adventure game PbP using the Black Hack 2E rules, along with some minor modifications of my own (see attachments). This is the elevator pitch to see who's interested, and we can hash out details when we have a group of some sort. Touchstones...
  10. Fenris-77

    The Fenris Hack

    Fenris-77 submitted a new resource: The Fenris Hack - 2E player rules plus extra Exploration goodies Read more about this resource...
  11. Fenris-77

    Black Hack 2E Rules Reference

    Fenris-77 submitted a new resource: Black Hack 2E Rules Reference - A one page reference for the core rules
  12. Fenris-77

    Your Favorite Black Hack Hacks (or other OSR mechanics)

    So I'm planning on running an OSR Fantasy game here, PbP of course, sometime in the near future. Of the many, many, OSR rules sets I have I've settled on the Black Hack as my base rules set, for both ease of rules acquisition and compatibility with the pretty wide range of modules and...
  13. Fenris-77

    100 Things to Find in an Alley

    Fenris-77 submitted a new resource: 100 Things to Find in an Alley - System Agnostic Urban Encounters Read more about this resource...
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