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  1. Lofgeornost

    Magic World: Hail and Farewell

    As far as I can tell, Magic World and its supplements have disappeared entirely from the Chaosium website in both print and electronic versions. The PDF is still available at Drivethru, but I assume that will change eventually. I understand that Chaosium had dropped development of the title a...
  2. Lofgeornost

    Black Spear: Bucolic Fantasy Role Play--Any Good?

    Drivethru RPG is a real Fibber McGee's closet. Checking it for the Deal of the Day today, I stumbled on Black Spear: Bucolic Fantasy Role Play, published by Sad Fishe Games. It seems to be an Openquest variant, but maybe with a more ancient/Bronze Age feel. It's pretty cheap: $2.95 US for the...
  3. Lofgeornost

    Is this the Alan Smithee of RPG illustration?

    I noticed that Through Sunken Lands, which looks interesting, lists as one of its artists 'Pis Aller.' Really?
  4. Lofgeornost

    Star Trek-Musings about the Trill

    I've watched some Deep Space 9 recently, and it's got me thinking about the Trill. If the name doesn't ring any bells, they are the species that has a long-lived symbiont that moves from humanoid host to host as those age and die. Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) and her successor Ezri Dax (Nicolle...
  5. Lofgeornost

    Raggi on Why to Use Published Adventures

    In the free version of the LotFP Referee Book (pp. 31–32), James Raggi argues that GMs should sometimes used published adventures rather than simply creating their own. A cynical explanation would be that this is a way to convince you to buy more products. More reasonably, I think, it could be...
  6. Lofgeornost

    Mignolaverse + Stargate

    Since the pandemic began, my actual gaming has come to a standstill, leaving more time to think about games I'd like to run. Recently I've been reading through a lot of the Mignolaverse comics. Watching an old Stargate episode the other night, it struck me that the basic idea behind that...
  7. Lofgeornost

    Raiders of R’lyeh--Any Opinions?

    Raiders of R'lyeh, from Cipher Bureau, is the Deal of the Day at Drivethru today (10/12). I'd not heard of it; it seems to be an OGL Call of Cthulhu clone set in the Edwardian era, complete with system and setting. Does anyone have any opinions or experience of it?
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