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    The Board Game Thread - What have you Played recently?

    I'm going to have to try Rocky Mountain Man. In the mean time I have been playing a lot of Fleet Commander Nimitz. It's a solitaire wargame of WWII in the Pacific. The level is very strategic, with a turn representing two months of campaigning. This is the best solo wargame I have ever played...
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    Scenario-Based Gaming

    The last two campaigns I have run used different systems but both consisted of what you are calling "scenario-based" gaming. The party works for a living by accepting missions from various patrons. Sometimes I present a conflict between two rival patrons and the party can decide which side to...
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    Star Fire New Empires

    I had the little books: I and II and played them a lot. Starfire is a simple, but great game. I remember designing fleets of ships and trying to outguess what my friend's strategy would be. We modified ship system layout such that hits could start on either the left or right side, depending on...
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    Campaign Cartographer and Other Mapping Programs

    I use Other World Mapper because every other option seemed to have an imposing learning curve. I was able to figure out how to use OWM to make nice maps without looking at tutorials of any kind. There are tutorials on Youtube, but I haven't watched them. I just played around with it for an hour...
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    The Board Game Thread - What have you Played recently?

    Over the holidays we played Escape the Dark Sector and enjoyed it very much. It is a cooperative sc-fi game that plays a lot like an RPG. It takes less than five minutes to set up and plays to completion in less than an hour. You play as a character escaping from a space station fill with...
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    Colaborative setting creation

    I have only done this once, and in a limited way. When beginning a Stars Without Number campaign, I created the sector but left one planet "blank". This was the players' starting planet, their home world. Together, we used the tables from the book to generate that home world and its cultures...
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    Exploration in a modern horror setting

    I like it a lot. The most recent review on Drivethru is mine. My group is enjoying it but they do struggle with the abstracted economy. At low levels it can be difficult to buy anything at all. Characters tend to be destitute and desperate for quite a while, despite the valuable treasures...
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    Exploration in a modern horror setting

    I am currently running a modern urban horror campaign that hinges on exploration. The key idea is that beneath the familiar city streets is an entire "undercity" with its own geography, cultures, and ecosystem. The undercity is a somewhat secret world, steeped in madness and dark magic...
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    Preferred Campaign Length

    Six to twelve sessions is typical for me these days. Real world issues often interrupt and by the time I'm ready to get back into it, I'm usually interested in a new setting or game system.
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    Sell Me On or Off Modern AGE

    I rather like Fantasy AGE, especially the magic. As for elevating hit points, the Companion offered several simple ways to reduce that and you could choose one or two to taste. I haven't tried Modern AGE yet, but one thing to consider is whether Green Ronin is going to support it with...
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    How much do you reveal to the Players before a campaign starts?

    I have not read Kult, but am familiar with other games in which some aspect of the setting is not as it first appears. In each case, I was so disappointed by the "big reveal" that I put that game back on the shelf without running it. I had to assume that if the initial view of the world was...
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    Cthulhu Mythos: do you use it as is?

    I keep the general themes of cosmic horror (what I think others are calling Yog Sothery) but drop all of the particulars of Lovecraft's mythos. What wore me out on Lovecraft's mythos was not the CoC RPG itself, but the many board games in which one encounters all those critters directly. As...
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    My last post on this thread was about getting Esoteric Enterprises. I am now running that for my online group and enjoying it. Here is a link to my review on DriveThru if you are interested: Just this...
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    Campaign Timekeeping

    I use a calendar. It's on the landing page of my Roll20 games or on a clip board when I was playing at a table. The calendar uses simple 28-day months, with the months titled "First Moon, Second Moon, etc". Not terribly clever, it's just a lunar calendar and I use it in all my games because...
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    Simplifying the D&D multi-species mess

    It is a mess to be sure, but one solution does not fit all. My preference may to design a setting with a single intelligent race, or at least a single playable race. But there are plenty of players who will tell me "I always play Dwarves, Hobbits, or Aliens. I don't play Humans". That's a...
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    Historical Wargaming Thread

    Yeah, you will find painting WWII is easier than Napoleonics at any scale. Tanks are the easiest thing in the world. Most look fine with a base coat and dry-brushing for highlights. Happy Birthday.
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    Map Making Tools

    I can't say it's the best, because it is the only one I have ever used. But the fact that I never needed anything else says something. Other World Mapper does stylized maps of continents, city maps, and interior layouts, although I think the landscape mapping is stronger than the other...
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    Let's play a game - what would you do in this situation?

    I would run to the nearest grocery store to pick up a case of Yuengling and all the scrapple I could carry. Then I would throw my rifle in the truck and head for the deer camp (or my cousin's or neighbor's deer camp if it were closer). I'd lug the beer, scrapple, and rifle up into the tree...
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    Poor choices in fonts & layouts and you

    I've encountered lots of design choices that I thought were terrible, usually the result of the publisher trying to be artistic with text. But mostly those were games I was just browsing casually, so it was no big deal. They just made me shake my head and wonder "Why?" I can think of two...
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    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    I'd love to hear more about Those Darkest Places. I had been thinking of getting Fria Ligan's Alien game, not to use xenomorphs, but to make my own weird creatures, something different for each one-shot.
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