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  1. SavAce

    Game Balance

    In this case it really seems to be less a matter of "imbalance" than the fact that class systems are less flexible in this regard? I come up with concepts all of the time where if I'm playing a class based system, my concept doesn't mesh well with the abilities of the class. That's the whole...
  2. SavAce

    What Supers Game Handles Powers The Bestest?

    I think it's a legitimate POV regardless of campaign length, and it really comes down to goals and what you enjoy about RP. When I'm Supers RPing, what is "winning"? Winning for me is that entertaining things happen, we get put in some tight situations and have to dig deep to save the day now...
  3. SavAce

    What Supers Game Handles Powers The Bestest?

    As a player in a DCH game, I remember I tended to spend more Hero Points in the moment than the 2 other most regular players. They liked to look at what they might spend HP on to advance in the future, making long term plans, etc. I guess my opinion was something like "Spend your HP to be cool...
  4. SavAce

    Game Balance

    Yeah, a lot of balance talk comes down to what people think is the "Game" part of "Role Playing Game", and what is the goal or purpose of play. For some people, an RPG involves playing pretend, and some mechanics that help determine if a character succeeds or fails in attempting to do a thing...
  5. SavAce

    Game Balance

    It depends on what you're playing for. If you're role-playing to discover how a world with such a spell would operate, what people or your character would do, etc. the spell is a prerequisite for the whole campaign to happen. If you're playing to see if your character and his companions can make...
  6. SavAce

    Reboot that game! They are their own thing. The Mechanoid Invasion was the 1st Palladium RPG, made while Kevin was gearing up to make Palladium Fantasy. They are basically a race of mechanical things that you can think of as like... take a race of biological...
  7. SavAce

    Kickstarters Thread

    The Kickstarter for the new edition of Blue Planet just kicked off. Blue Planet: Recontact. I have a soft spot for the game, even if I've never actually played it. Is it the water? Is it dolphins? I dunno, but anyways... More books for the book shelf!
  8. SavAce

    Reboot that game!

    Yeah, that's the core of it for me. The 1 on 1 fighting system is just fun, and it's fun to see how you match up vs. other folks. No other RPG delivers the same satisfaction in that particular aspect. It's like when you watched Bloodsport and there are those scenes where they show other matches...
  9. SavAce

    Reboot that game!

    My next "Reboot That Game" is both "Ninjas & Superspies" and "TMNT & OS" mashed up into one game! What changes? Well... the core early Palladium combat survives (Roll above 4 to hit, Parry, Dodge, AR, etc.), and the general art vibe survives, but everything else is done by Kevin Crawford. Kevin...
  10. SavAce

    Reboot that game!

    Mine is obvious given my posting history, but... Reboot 'Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game' with features such as... 1.) Good Art! The art in the original is... not great. Replace instead with official Capcom art, or Udon stuff (like the aborted "Capcom World Tournamment" d20 game was...
  11. SavAce

    Best Sandbox Guidelines, GM Advice and Articles

    Yeah, I loved a lot of the articles linked at the bottom of that and was inspired by the whole collection of them when I was setting up a DC Heroes campaign 2 years back. The 3 part Sandbox Super Hero Campaigns article series on the "Alien Shores" blog in particular was groovy.
  12. SavAce

    Best Sandbox Guidelines, GM Advice and Articles

    The first thing I remember reading that got me excited about the idea of a sandbox campaign is the Referee's Companion for MegaTraveller. On page 80 it starts in with some advice for running a Large-Scale Campaign. It also has some tips on mapping worlds, charts for generating words in other...
  13. SavAce

    Well...Let's Talk About This

    I dunno what there is to be done from a Mod perspective. I do think that some behavior others see as troll-ish is not necessarily intended to be, but can nonetheless be frustrating. An example I think I've seen a few times goes something like this: "Here is a thread about a thing, I'd like to...
  14. SavAce

    Palladium Games - The Thread

    I kind of see Palladium Books as like... a beautiful disaster, or a wild B-movie you really love. Being RPGs... there is this strong desire to want to fix them. On the other hand... things like Savage Rifts, or licensing their games out somehow feels like giving your favorite B-Movie over to a...
  15. SavAce

    Mod+ Sandbox Discussion Thread

    Yeah, as a player in a Sandbox-styled game, I generally just need to be able to suspend disbelief by whichever means a GM is able to help provide it, and the techniques used by the GM to generate the environment don't matter all that much to me. The "World in Motion" is my ideal for what I want...
  16. SavAce

    Pretexts for less guns in a contemporary setting

    Yeah, this is a fun thing Street Fighter does with guns. A martial artist normally does damage equal to (Strength + Technique + Maneuver Mod), whereas guns just do (Technique + Gun Damage) which amounts to quite a bit less for your average Street Fighter. There are no Gun Special Maneuvers. It...
  17. SavAce

    Ridiculous eBay Prices

    That's not even Street Fighter. It's the fan created "20th Anniversary Edition" I made about 6 years ago! Holy shit! Never did I imagine copies of my fan compilation getting bootlegged on eBay. It's amazing. Hehehe.
  18. SavAce

    Moderation Thread

    For me, the options aren't "Scroll past" vs. "Mash the Report Button". It's more a matter of... I scroll past, until my scrolling finger routinely gets tired at a site, then I just silently stop going to the site and leave it to the couple arguing in the apartment or whatever.
  19. SavAce

    Grappling-based combat system

    I definitely like the idea of imagining how you might structure combat in an RPG looking through a default grappling lens instead of the more typical striking lens, and building from there. It leads to different abstractions. From a game-y perspective I like the tension that gambling can add to...
  20. SavAce

    GURPs vs FATE

    The Apocalypse World Moves as "training wheels" thing doesn't strike me as a great metaphor, kinda because it's hard not to read that as "meant for people needing remedial instruction until they are confident enough to do it alone." A good reason for liking a variety of games is because they...
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