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  1. Séadna

    Concerning Dark Matters

    One of the bigger papers in foundational physics in the last few years, the Frauchiger-Renner paradox concerning the impossibility of using quantum theory to describe observers themselves and their actions:
  2. Séadna

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    Sound right to me. Most early religions have some "realm" that precedes the gods of which they are the earliest emanations or among first things to develop from that realm. This "realm" is pre-existent and eternal and takes many forms: Water (Mesopotamia, Japan, Polynesia), the undifferentiated...
  3. Séadna

    The Star Wars Thread

    Star Wars stuff I enjoyed: Return of the Jedi Clone Wars Rebels in the main The Mandalorian Fallen Order Stuff I thought was great: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back The best: Knights of the Old Republic I&II It's pretty tight between the two KotOR games. The first feels more "Star Wars" and...
  4. Séadna

    Mythras: Breifne

    Garos straightens up and gives a little Roman salute, before going prone and slinking off. A few minutes later smoke can be seen in a copse of trees a little away from the Norse huts. Some of the Norse men take a look and for some reason a furious discussion erupts between them. This summons...
  5. Séadna

    Cobblefell IC

    Daraja will come out from behind the crevice she is hidden in an try to continue the climb up.
  6. Séadna

    Mythras: Breifne

    OOC: Consider Garos as having explained this to you at some point on your travels. He would be quite silent. In terms of noise, in a forest he would be difficult to tell apart from a normal animal. He is practiced at staying out of sight from surface dwellers.
  7. Séadna

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Yeah I'd agree. The later generation of BRP games like Mythras and Openquest have similar BlackJack like opposed systems and stuff like Passions. I think AsenRG's BRP 2.0 is probably the right phrasing. Pendragon is close to Mythras and Openquest, but further from older Runequest.
  8. Séadna

    What are y'all up to these days?

    I'm sure you've seen this with the games you've run, but yeah Stay Frosty I think retains enough of a D&D structure via Black Hack to have some fairly rapid scaling. Starting off PCs are perfect for grunts that get mowed down, but after a level or two (and as you point out especially with a...
  9. Séadna

    Let's Read GURPS Celtic Myth

    Funny you bumped the thread, there's a few things I was going to post soon. Just some direct translated examples of Sidhe stories and I wanted to say a few things on Celtic monsters you find in other media. Like Gruagach from Hellboy. It's very good I would say. I'd say a few things about...
  10. Séadna

    Melee - Kenji vs Flavius

    No I'm attacking, after your attack.
  11. Séadna

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    I don't know anything about it. Looking at a brief description of it online it has stuff that seems a good bit different from BRP, but again I don't really know it.
  12. Séadna

    Mythras: Breifne

    The Dolmen warrior nods in a mock sagely manner as he listens to Brian and Dougal plan. "I could start the fire fellas. About two minutes run back the way we came I suggest?"
  13. Séadna

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    To me yes, as the underlying logic is the same. It's just a BRP game where skills go in increments of 5%. It's no different in a sense to BRP games where the attributes are left at 8-18 or multiplied up by five to be of the same scale as the skills.
  14. Séadna

    Video game universes that deserve a spin at the tabletop (and what game would you use)

    Acclaim's Shadowman* series. The underworld of New Orleans vodoo and the parallel world of Deadside. Love the intro with the Moonlight Sonata. *Technically there was a comic beforehand but the game has only some elements in common and is essentially it's own world. There was later a comic...
  15. Séadna

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Essentially most European countries will be open to American tourists by mid-June. Greece just opened to American tourists for example. Bar and restaurants etc will reopen or are already reopen as the vaccination program is proceeding faster than anticipated in most areas. However historic...
  16. Séadna

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    I'm in Ireland, but would love to be in sunny Spain, Italy or Greece at the moment! Most European countries expect to be opening up for tourists this summer. Provided one is vaccinated: Iceland is already open Bulgaria and Greece will be from May. Italy and Cyprus Mid-May Spain, Malta and...
  17. Séadna


    There's a minis game with stats compatible with Mork Borg, so in a sense providing a system for bigger scale combat:
  18. Séadna

    Real Life and What's Happening...

    Mam and Dad vaccinated so we could finally meet them again and on a sunny summers day to boot.
  19. Séadna

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    One BRP thing I'd like to see is more Pendragon hacks.
  20. Séadna

    D&D 5e as a Trojan Horse (or how to find players for a different game)

    For those claiming not to like bait and switch: What if the GM said they were running a Sword and Planet 5E game and when you got there they suddenly revealed they were a wizard from Xar'Quanth IV, teleported you to their homeworld, clad you in leather speedo/bikini raiment and sent you to save...
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