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  1. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    Fair enough. If you're interested, you might want to look at the stuff I spoilered above from The Mask of the Sorcerer for an example of a setting where divine magic and non-divine are so distinct that they would need different systems (IMO). Likewise, if I were designing a game based on Europe...
  2. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    Well, that's your question. It's not mine, so perhaps we are merely talking at cross-purposes. I would agree about Middle Earth, on the whole. There clearly is some other magic going on in the setting--creation of magic swords, the magic door to Moria, etc. But it's a low-magic setting (in RPG...
  3. Lofgeornost

    What are you watching?

    I've never seen that one, but I'd like to.
  4. Lofgeornost

    DriveThru Science Fiction Sale

    DriveThruRPG is currently having a sale on SF games, through May 17, with discounts of up to about a third on some titles. Personally, I'm tempted by Design Mechanism's Worlds United, which I've not seen marked down before very often. I like the idea of a pulp SF game for Mythras. M-Space...
  5. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    The point in question is not 'does the setting distinguish magic and religion' but 'does in distinguish between the supernatural powers assigned to religious figures (priests) and those assigned to magicians'. If a given setting does not assign special supernatural powers to priests, then of...
  6. Lofgeornost

    The Dank Memes

    You say potato, I say potahto...
  7. Lofgeornost

    Another 3d6 Game

    Yeah, I'm confused by this also. In the early posts, it seems like there is a characteristic named 'toughness' and that a character falls unconscious when he or she takes damage equal to it; he or she dies at damage = toughness + strength. That would imply 3-18 points to unconscious and 6-36...
  8. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    There is no doubt, I think, that much of what ancient people labeled 'magic' called on divinities or other spirits that might also be invoked or propitiated by priests, or just individuals, in actions that would not have then been labeled magical. Other fictional (at least) descriptions of magic...
  9. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    I would say that, if you are "making a game about the modern world, but with hidden magic that isn't considered connected to major religions" then you would probably not want to use D&D as your rules-set. The example seems very biased--a deliberate attempt to create a game where it would make no...
  10. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    In a word, yes. Yes, that is the view from Fraser's Golden Bough I mentioned earlier. It doesn't hold up that well for some cultures, but for others it does, particularly Christian Europe in the Middle Ages and Early Modern period. There, theologians were quite clear that religious power and...
  11. Lofgeornost

    What have you been reading?

    Last night I finished Darrell Schweitzer's Mask of the Sorcerer (1995) in an e-book version. It was so good I'm considering buying a paper copy--one of the most interesting sword-and-sorcery novels written in the last 25 years, as far as I know. I don't want to say too much about it, for fear of...
  12. Lofgeornost

    Systems that transcend their settings

    I think the Ars Magica magic system could be stripped of its connection to medieval Europe (and to all the Order of Hermes stuff) and used as a more generic system in other settings.
  13. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    I am not sure what the bolded sentence has to do with the example I gave. It was not an example of 'less division between magic and gods' but of a priest praying for a god to a result and getting it. The result is the same, grosso modo, as the 'cause disease' spell, suggesting that this is the...
  14. Lofgeornost

    Kilibbix's Map Thread

    It reminds me of a map of Trollope's Barsetshire which included towns like "Winterovercotes" and "Winterunderclose."
  15. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    Yes; I would see it as two levels of question: Is it a good idea to have a separate class for wielders of supernatural power whose source stems from religion (priests, basically) instead of just one class for all those with supernatural powers? Is the D&D cleric a good instantiation of that...
  16. Lofgeornost

    Favourite RPG settings and why

    I really need to look at Thennla more closely; it sounds really interesting!
  17. Lofgeornost

    The Poetry Thread

    Spurred by a recent thread in the roleplaying section of the forum The Iliad, beginning of book 1, translated by Robert Fagles. Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses, hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy...
  18. Lofgeornost

    Favourite RPG settings and why

    That's true, some of it (particularly Swords and Glory, which is mainly a detailed sourcebook) is very dense. Another, maybe more fun, route into the setting is to read the two original novels, Barker's Man of Gold and Flamesong. He was a better scholar and world-creator than novelist, but...
  19. Lofgeornost

    The Cleric sucks ... or discuss the Cleric

    You are right, I was conflating those two things. My mistake. I would agree that there is not really much of anything in fantasy fiction that is very close to the D&D cleric, if you insist on the precise set of powers given to D&D clerics as part of the picture. But priests who have supernatural...
  20. Lofgeornost

    Favourite RPG settings and why

    If you are just interested in learning more about the setting, one place to start is Brett Slocum's 2-page summary that he hands out at cons, available at Google Docs here. Don Kaiser wrote a 40+ page Introduction to Tekumel also available at Google Docs here. Slocum's blog The Eye of Joyful...
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