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  1. Dammit Viktor

    Untitled Space Opera Project

    Since I am such a very ambitious slacker, failing to make progress on two projects isn't enough for me-- so now, I am failing to make progress on a third. I've been hanging out on r/HFY (Humanity, Fuck Yeah!) a lot lately, and playing Jupiter Hell (the sequel to Doom the Roguelike) a lot...
  2. Dammit Viktor

    Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - eXiles - Posthumous Honors [MHR][RPOL][PBP]

    I'm starting a new play-by-post game-- eXiles style superheroics using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules, modified for the adventure format. Players are allowed to play an "alternate universe" version of (almost) any canonical Marvel character, hero or villain, who is "recruited" by a...
  3. Dammit Viktor

    Firearms and Firearm Terminology for the Uninitiated (WARNING: Helluva Long)

    Inspired by the brief digression from the topic in On the Constant Overestimation of Animals, I think I should like to give a brief primer in the mechanics of firearms for people who know less on this subject than I do. I will note that I'm more of a Bard than a Gunslinger or Artificer, so I...
  4. Dammit Viktor

    A Journey of a Thousand Pictures Starts With a Single Word: SPAGHET

    In order to make the perfect meat sauce, we must start with the perfect meat: Spam. Three cans, run through the cheese grater. This is even more fun than it sounds. Two cans of diced tomatoes and green chilies, a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic, and a generous splash of red wine...
  5. Dammit Viktor

    Masters of the Universe RPG Reveal at Power-Con 2020 Well, Cam Banks leading the panel tells me it's going to be a Cortex game-- sorry, for any He-Man fans who don't like the system-- so I'm really excited to see where they go with this. I remember when I was trying really hard to get this...
  6. Dammit Viktor

    [Shroompunk] Appendix N Double Feature

    Sometime either this weekend (01-02 AUG) or next weekend, I'm planning a livestream double feature showing of two movies that have been foundational to my aesthetic style and my life's work: Super Mario Bros and Masters of the Universe. Anyone from the Pub who'd like to join us is invited...
  7. Dammit Viktor

    Dammit, Viktyr's Being a Boomer About D&D 5e

    Little bit of background, I got started with Dungeons & Dragons with AD&D First Edition in 1993. (Yes, First Edition.) By the time I became aware that Second Edition was a thing, Player's Option was also a thing and I fell in love with it immediately. Player's Option, to this day, is still my...
  8. Dammit Viktor

    Old School Essentials House Rules

    So my AD&D campaign came to a horrible, grinding halt last Monday-- some combination of the twenty years since last I ran it, nobody else ever having played it, me trying to run it with all the options included, and some technical difficulties with the Virtual Tabletop. Since I was already fed...
  9. Dammit Viktor

    [3.PF] Problems with Gestalt-Based Multiclassing

    So... I've always hated the way multiclassing works in D&D 3.X and Pathfinder. I've been trying to fix it, nearly consistently, for the past fifteen years and I've gotten into a lot of stupid and pointless arguments with people who don't think it needs to be fixed. Luckily, I am now in...
  10. Dammit Viktor

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold (SPOILER, NO SPOILING!)

    So I was twenty when the show launched, right? It ran from when I was twenty to when I was thirty-four. I've never seen a single episode of it, and I've always been okay with that, and I'm still basically okay with that. I thought that CollegeHumor video from a few years back was hilarious...
  11. Dammit Viktor

    Galactic Dragons: Bury Me With My Money (Recruitment and Pregame)

    Galactic Dragons is a campaign setting and rules implementation for Cortex Prime, the former based on TSR's Spelljammer, Dragonfist, and Boot Hill settings and the latter based on angille's Mythikal Cortex Fantasy rules. It's gonzo D&D in Space. Players start in the role of bounty hunters sent...
  12. Dammit Viktor

    Salvaging Spelljammer from the Radiant Triangle

    More than any other D&D setting, Spelljammer is my jam. But more than anything, its status as a metasetting and the constraints of reconciling multiple incompatible cosmologies dragged it down and kept it from living up to its true potential. Thus, I want to divorce Spelljammer from the Radiant...
  13. Dammit Viktor

    Rainbow Bridge: Abigail Watson

    From a Facebook group, in which we were asked to "sell" the main characters of our novels:
  14. Dammit Viktor

    All These New Members...

    ... it's kinda nice popping into the chatroom and the entire backlog is new member announcements. On the other hand, you fuckers need to start using the chat.
  15. Dammit Viktor

    The Krrish Franchise

    Starts with Koi... Mil Gaya and proceeds through Krrish and Krrish 3, all currently on Netflix, an animated series I'm not certain has even been subbed, and Krrish 4 is scheduled for release in 2020. Basically Bollywood superhero movies about a mentally-challenged young man who gains...
  16. Dammit Viktor

    Just Watched Cobra Kai...

    ... and I don't know what I really expected, but I didn't expect that. Brilliant. A good man whose obsession with the past is making him forget his own nature, and a bad man who seems to be constantly on the verge of learning to be a better one, dancing in circles around the one event that...
  17. Dammit Viktor

    Advancing Skills in D&D Worlds

    As someone who designs worlds first and foremost, I'd like to hear you expand upon this-- most of my worlds are very D&D-like, and designed around the idea that high-level PCs are supernatural beings, both to match the D&D mechanics and because that's what I like about D&D. But D&D worlds are...
  18. Dammit Viktor

    I really want to run a shroompunk game.

    Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one a bit, but I really want to run a game in what I've coined the "shroompunk" genre of sword & sorcery fantasy-- equal parts brutal and surreal with settings heavily inspired by 8-bit era video games. It was named after the mushrooms of its original...
  19. Dammit Viktor

    (Bushido) 70s Inner-City Shoguns

    This has given me a terrible idea. Lacking any real understanding of the Bushido game, I am nonetheless currently imagining setting it-- as close to as-written as possible-- in Harlem, possibly in the Seventies, amongst rival samurai street gangs.
  20. Dammit Viktor

    Thwarting the Chat Timeout

    Is it possible to stay "online" in the Chat, so that people know to come chat with me, when I'm alone with nobody to talk to? If not, can it be made possible?
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