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    Do players buy-in more to learning a setting nowadays?

    Last night I got to page through an RPG that my only interest in came from knowing one of the artists and having heard an amusing behind-the-scenes tale regarding it. As I expected, it isn’t my kind of game, but looking at the XP system it raised a question I have to ask. The game has players...
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    Has anyone seen a color Hero Forge mini in-person?

    The title says it all, really. My vision has gotten Magooish with age, and painting minis is becoming more a rage-inducing exercise than fun. I’ve switched to larger scale pieces, but it’s not quite the same. i saw an ad for Hero Forge the other day, and made a figure I liked. I’m thinking...
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    How much fixing of a published module is too much for you?

    After a lengthy absence from the role, I find myself organizing and running a RPG group. While two fellows are regular gamers, one is from an old gaming group of mine and hasn’t played an RPG in over 20 years. The last fellow in the group has a long history with miniature games, but (AFAIK) no...
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    Poor choices in fonts & layouts and you

    I’ve discovered that a game whose first edition is OOP and whose second edition has been unsupported for some time has nearly the entire line up for purchase as PDFs. With the holiday sales going on, I decided to take a look at the previews for the books for the first time. It wasn’t until...
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