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  1. Oculus Orbus

    Hero redux

    I'll admit to a certain amount of burnout where Champions is concerned. Like you, I played a ton of it back in the early days and that, combined with certain... distasteful styles of gameplay that seem to have sprung up from it really soured the game for me. Mostly, it was the idea that players...
  2. Oculus Orbus

    Hero redux

    I always felt that Hero was better suited to "normals" genres (action/adventure, cops, westerns, etc) than superheroes. Basically, the more grounded in reality, the better, at least where the PCs are concerned. That's my roundabout way of saying I prefer Danger International to Champions. I...
  3. Oculus Orbus

    Dungeons and Dragons with no Divine casting

    For what it's worth, the idea for the Cleric originally came from the character Father Sandor from the movie "Dracula: Prince of Darkness." At least that's what I read somewhere. In any case, Sandor was a holy ass-kicker with a shotgun strapped to his back, so I could see someone wanting to add...
  4. Oculus Orbus

    Great Comicbook Art Thread

    Royer, Berry and Vinnie the Butcher- my three least favorite Kirby inkers. That was a tough time to be a fan.
  5. Oculus Orbus

    Great Comicbook Art Thread

    Okay, just by eyeballing it I can tell it's mid-70's and I'm 95% certain that's Mike Royer inking... Dingbats of Danger Street? Edit: the 2nd page, that is.
  6. Oculus Orbus

    Great Comicbook Art Thread

    The evil laugh of Snake-Meat!
  7. Oculus Orbus

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    Same. I pretty much gave up on comics altogether at that point. What's funny, though, is that Capwolf has apparently gained a new life in the past few years. Just google "capwolf" and click the "images" tab to see what I mean. Hell, he even got freakin' action figure recently!
  8. Oculus Orbus

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    That was just one storyline in Captain America, "Man & Wolf," that ran for about 6 issues. Probably would have been better received if it wasn't for the bog standard house style of the day. As it was, people at the time seemed to really hate it. It guest-starred just about every wolfy character...
  9. Oculus Orbus

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    Fuck you, Wolverine! Aaaaaoooooo!
  10. Oculus Orbus

    Irrational Indifference in RPGs

  11. Oculus Orbus

    DC Comics

    One of the best books DC put out during the 90s (low bar, I know) was Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman. I like to think this cover sums the series up fairly well-
  12. Oculus Orbus

    What were your RPG Firsts?

    I started out playing D&D with the original white box edition when I was in junior high. The first one I owned myself was the "collectors edition" white box, just before the Monster Manual appeared.
  13. Oculus Orbus

    Irrational Hatreds in RPGs

    I'll bet you could find a nice youngster to help you out with that. Not all kids these days are rap singers or dope sniffers.
  14. Oculus Orbus

    Favorite Dead RPG company

    Came to say this very thing.
  15. Oculus Orbus

    The Punk thread

    Aggie Doone and the Blondelles – Damn Dog
  16. Oculus Orbus

    Best RPG Covers of All Time

    Great cover, although I prefer the Justice, Inc. layout a lot better.
  17. Oculus Orbus

    Best RPG Covers of All Time

    Which one?
  18. Oculus Orbus

    Best RPG Covers of All Time

    Thrilling Tales was the one. Two-Fisted Tales, while my favorite pulp rpg, was never graced with such a good cover.
  19. Oculus Orbus

    Best RPG Covers of All Time

    She's not sitting, she's fully supported on Bond's steely butt cheeks. Because he's a gentleman.
  20. Oculus Orbus

    What are you watching?

    You can watch Black Christmas '74 for free with ads on I think the new one is available on Netflix?
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