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  1. opaopajr

    OSR System Ichor

    Shameless 'dad joke', pun-tastic, copycat thread that fits in with the Halloween season. :skeleton::storm: Given me your favorite evocative OSR pictures or paragraphs that teases a frission of fear up your spine -- :shock: :closed: yes I said "up your spine"! :argh: (OSR = old enough to have...
  2. opaopajr

    Recommendation: 48/72hr OP topic hold seeking consent before Mod-only editing

    (Naturally forum spam and other grossly disruptive forum violations are excepted) A recommendation to OP Topic protocol: if problematic enough, seek OP consent to change their own words. Have a topic pause period of 2 to 3 days as good faith effort to communicate the issue to OP and seek OP...
  3. opaopajr

    OOC: Livonia's Lament

    Hi! Here's where we can talk OOC (like party strategy), post Player Character Sheets -- and discuss their updates, GM adjudication for grey areas, newly created monsters & magical items outside Basic 5e RAW -- and their rationale, and so on. I leave Bulletin Board, Primary, Secondary, and...
  4. opaopajr

    IC: Livonia's Lament (in game - July 3rd onward)

    Calendar Month July, Month of the Big-Eared Bat. Today Is Thursday, July 3rd (DAY 3) Saturday, July 5th Weather Is Hot, dry, full sun. Low wind. Updating Bulletin Board -- Livonia's Lament Update! NEW! Trial - Claim Jumper Murderess! Starts this July 4th, Friday morning, at Main Street Well...
  5. opaopajr

    pitch: Livonia's Lament - D&D 5e Basic (mostly) RAW. Open Table.

    I shall baptise this forum with a return to my PbP from TheRPGSite (I also might reopen it there, too). Basic Pitch: Western D&D, Shoshone Native American dominated Mining Boomtown society, 5e Basic RAW. Campaign: Open Table, with Quests on Town Bulletin as desired. Table Notes: Slower XP...
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