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  1. opaopajr

    Could you eat every part of a horse?

    Most of us have already had some parts of horse if we've ever eaten non-vegan gelatin products, (most likely skin, bones, cartilage, & hooves bought en masse with less concern about sourcing). Horse hair is actually one of the secret methods African slaves used to assassinate their enemies, by...
  2. opaopajr

    I hate combat

    It's not as bad as you think. Give it a whirl. :) Whatever perceived losses there are are mostly fine-grained tactical advantages. I know and love CCG loophole exploitation as the next gamer. But in RPGs I will gladly sacrifice a lot of that for a simpler experience to get in more playtime and...
  3. opaopajr

    I hate combat

    I hate combat crunch too. I am of the experience that I like to have the option WHEN I need it, but otherwise like to leave it turned off. (My fastest AD&D 2e battle was less than 10 seconds and it involved awareness, surprise round charge attack, morale break flee, following slaughter and...
  4. opaopajr

    Dreams of Futures Past

    The persistence of geese refute your swo delusions. :)
  5. opaopajr

    Where does the 'leak' in the fountain story come from?

    "Why, that desert eagle has a big bullet!" "Big boulette! Big boulette!"
  6. opaopajr


    Simple, everything is about meaningful choices: prepared optimization choices, during contextual choices, and desperation ad hoc choices. Note as time and assets get more scarce the meaningful choices get more anxious. Best plan prevention, better plan cure, good plan kludge, any plan "hail...
  7. opaopajr

    Everybody needs a little time away . . .

    Till the winds blow you back into our lives again. Sail well. :) (Psst, it's been a global star chart thingie. ;) A lot of communities have had recent kerfuffles and bristly interactions of late, as anticipated by my sextant readings (and hence calculated absence). Don't read more into these...
  8. opaopajr

    On Morale, or should enemies run away

    That actually is an interesting take on full retreat, and sadly not mentioned in AD&Ds. It defers the benefit and restricts the benefit to whoever was within melee range opposition. Free attacks favor higher ACs and thus emulate armored people covering the squishies' retreats. But it also ends...
  9. opaopajr

    How did WotC handle M:TG colors in the D&D rules?

    I can only imagine. :( So much sad from what could have been... and 20+ years is apparently not long enough distance. Big corporations camping on IPs (or otherwise wiping their ass with them) is an all too common story.
  10. opaopajr

    How did WotC handle M:TG colors in the D&D rules?

    They simply don't talk about it. They want their cake and eat it too by having no hard setting decisions made; if it remains mostly undefined, who can get mad at that except high-maintenance meanies? :tongue: It is very much name dropping cards without attached in-setting meaning -- which...
  11. opaopajr

    There Can Be Only One Henry Cavill

    So, so many mountains around the world are called boob. And then there are other geographical features similarly blessed with popular anatomy names, too. You could almost call it a species unifying fascination...
  12. opaopajr

    Equipment In a Medieval World - Anyone Got a 10' Pole Handy?

    My favorite is AD&D 2e Water Clock for something like 1000 gp. Given that "bowl with a hole sinking in a bigger bowl of water" water clocks are as ancient as Persia if not before elsewhere, I like to think of these water clocks coming in two types: a) fantastic room-sized grandfather clocks...
  13. opaopajr

    Is the WoD Urban Fantasy?

    Sounds like your group likes the action. So roll with it! Copy pasta your favorite ideas with a surreal twist. You can still goth-punk up your trenchcoat & katanas by adjusting setting context. Just take an ex-urban setting, like a cul-de-sac enclave of McMansions ruled by an "emo blowout hair"...
  14. opaopajr

    Is the WoD Urban Fantasy?

    Given you see similar threads of storytelling throughout the world, especially in previous horror tales atmosphere and nowadays with wider global sharing of entertainment, typecasting the gothic to a defined time and place feels shallow to me. Grabbing many of those defining elements from...
  15. opaopajr

    Is the WoD Urban Fantasy?

    It's not urban-isolate because whole monster lines along with sub-splats variations therein are: suburban, rural, anti-urban, non-cosmopolitan, and or anti-cosmopolitan. The term you want is: Modern. :P Also it can run Gothic Horror in its hidden mysteries amid lush self-tortured romanticism...
  16. opaopajr

    So, Psionics, What Do You Think?

    Their 2e CH: P/Will&Way conceit advantages were: 1) playing blackjack for potential critical bonus effect (whose risk for said feature is potentially crapping out), 2) psi points could recharge faster than needing full 8 hrs rest and +X memorizing time, and 3) possible subtlety versus VSM "magic...
  17. opaopajr

    Magic in MFRPGs

    Oh but I did share my thoughts about what you posted in regards to Medieval Fantasy genre and its context within RPGs! :smile: As a game it is a hard sell for the wide variety of players I've played with as fellow PC, and ran for as GM. You can offer aesthetic conceits closer to any particular...
  18. opaopajr

    Magic in MFRPGs

    One of my favorite scenes in "Graceland," a fiction book about a despondent rationalist living in a seemingly surrealist Lagos (everything is grounded in reality, mind you, as the hero laments his traditionalist & post-colonial surroundings), was a climactic scene where magicians attempting to...
  19. opaopajr

    Systems that transcend their settings

    Talislanta is actually a very solid system that fades into the background. Only recently ran it -- and albeit briefly in PbP at TheRPGSite due to health issues -- but what I crunched and engaged with was robust. It handled a chaotic, high volume mix of PCs, NPCs, separate factions therein, and a...
  20. opaopajr

    Useful character backgrounds

    Evocative and concise and in the present moment. "I obviously appear like so... I publically behave like so... I am here with these people [PCs & hires] because of my interest stated so... [immediate adventure goal]." Internal, hidden, & unrelated states are verboten -- if you're not sharing...
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