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  1. Voros

    Powered by the Apocalypse

    This game has been getting playtested for a long time, finally available on Drivethru.
  2. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

  3. Voros

    Snake-Eyes Bombs. Not a Surprise.

    So I assume the earlier GI Joe movies weren't bombs? I see they cleared $300M even while practically no one who I know ever saw it. I caught I think it was the last one on cable but can barely remember it.
  4. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    And no feature film director that I'm aware of is the sole editor of their film. Scorsese has worked with the great Thelma Schoonmaker for the majority of his career, Woody Allen has worked with the great Susan Morse for most of his career. Interesting enough from the beginning in Hollywood...
  5. Voros

    Any horror fans in the house?

    I'm a big fan of Too Old to Die Young, incredibly, intentionally slow and disorienting as it is.
  6. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    Of early Spielberg I prefer Duel, Sugarland Express and Close Encounters to Jaws myself. His later films, from Munich on, are so different to a horror thriller like Jaws it is hard to compare them. I'm definitely an outlier though as I consider THX 1138 Lucas' real masterpiece.
  7. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    If you watch his early shorts it is clear that Lucas is a talented editor, as was his wife Marcia Lucas, who often worked with Scorsese as well. But one shouldn't use Marcia's talent as some cheap shot against George's talent. It seems to me there is some effort to oddly weaponize Lucas'...
  8. Voros

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC

    Most well known was criticism of Oriental Adventures for being too based on stereotypes of the 'exotic' East. I thought some of the criticism ranged from obvious, to legit, to trying too hard to find offence. Ultimately though it is a mountain out of a molehill that WotC addressed by putting a...
  9. Voros

    Random encounters

    I totally agree, a detail or basic setup that makes the encounter something beyond another 'roll for int' combat is essential. Otherwise random encounters become very boring and montonous.
  10. Voros

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC

    The history of TSR shows that lawsuits and backstabbing are hardly restricted to corporate types. Anytime money gets involved, lawyers are not far behind. The difference is these days we're far more likely to hear about such BTS disputes because of social media. Note that Hickman and Weis...
  11. Voros

    What have you been reading?

    I just got this...a great deal from the BFI. Which inspired me to get this on my Kindle. I'm a fan of Robbe-Grillet's novels and essays (The Erasers and Jealousy in particular), I think they're certainly weird but more accessible than their reputation may lead one to believe. This is due...
  12. Voros

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC

    Possible but with no real evidence to back it up, I think that is assuming Hasbro suits pay attention to some minor Twitter drama to a far greater degree than they do. The minor changes to the ruleset and settings that get some worked up online are far more likely to be getting pushed by the...
  13. Voros

    The Star Wars Thread

    All films are 'saved in the edit' as editing is so central to the construction of a film, its performances, etc. I remember working on student films where we thought our footage was garbage but we were able to 'save it in the edit' subsquently as there is so much flexibility in the editing...
  14. Voros

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC

    My impression is that WotC has little interest in being in the fiction business. Since 5e launched they've only put out novels by Greenwood, Salvatore and Erin Evans. Comparatively a handful. This seems less a decision from suits and more one from the designers who don't want to deal with the...
  15. Voros

    Just cool pics

    :heart: :sweat: Yvonne Craig, aka. Batgirl
  16. Voros

    Just cool pics

  17. Voros

    [Covert Ops|d00 Lite] Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Dark Fate was decent, I saw the first two episodes of the TV series and it seemed promising. Need to find it and start again.
  18. Voros

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC

    I've said it before but I'll say it again, the very notion of 'canon' in pop culture is silly enough, in rpgs it makes zero sense.
  19. Voros

    The British Old School Revival (B-OSR)

    I liked the starter adventure So You've Been Thrown Down a Well. It has imaginative ideas and an appropriately strange setting. Ignore Melan and Bryce's rather clueless reviews, I had no issue reading it but that may be because I had the pdf.
  20. Voros

    Question about books.

    Yeah, all depends on the book. I think longer books tend to benefit more from shifting viewpoints whereas novellas can be more intense when from one viewpoint but there are lots of exceptions. For a longer book I value shifts in tone, diction and viewpoint.
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