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  1. Ragr

    Vaesen - Online GMT September 5th

    As part of my groups bi-annual online weekender games meet-up I’ll be running The Silver of the Sea for Vaesen on Sunday 5th September, 10am-1pm/lunch break/2pm-6pm GMT. I’ll be using Hangouts or Zoom for the game, theatre of the mind style play, not using a VTT. I currently have a spare seat...
  2. Ragr

    Those Dark Places - One Shot ( Saturday 20th March 14:00-18:00 GMT)

    Hi all. I have a spare seat in a one shot game of Those Dark Places on the date/time above. The game will be TotM using Hangouts with audio/video and roll real dice at home. If anyone's interested or wants to know more feel free to post below. Here's the blurb: Starless Message - To -...
  3. Ragr

    Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies (Online GMT)

    Next year I am going to be starting the Eternal Lies campaign for Trail of Cthulhu online, running for 3 players over either Hangouts/Google Meet or Zoom. We have one seat available for anyone who wants to join in with this epic campaign, which we plan to split into fortnightly runs of 4-6...
  4. Ragr

    Delta Green: Wormwood Arena Online (GMT)

    I'm going to run the above DG scenario on the dates below using Google Hangouts; roll dice however you see fit, video essential. This might be the beginning of an occasional series using various DG scenarios and will be for an official DG group. It will use self generated pcs not pre-gens. The...
  5. Ragr

    Online 43AD One Space Available

    Hi all. I have a space in a game on Saturday 30th November 10am-2pm GMT. This is part of our online group's Dragonnot day for those who can't be bothered to go to the Dragonmeet convention in London on the same day. If anyone's interested give a holler below. We will be using Hangouts with...
  6. Ragr

    The Demolished Ones (Fate) G+ GMT

    This is a bit of a long shot but worth a punt. I'm running the above self-contained Fate scenario on Sundays 4-6 GMT and our group has had a player drop out which leaves an empty seat. We've played through one session already but missing the first shouldn't be a huge problem as I can bring...
  7. Ragr

    Kuro (The Campaign)

    I've been reading through all the Kuro material in possible preparation for offering the game to my group. There's lots to like. But, there had to be one, I have some serious concerns about how manipulative and potentially railroady the campaign is. It's a long shot given the game's relative...
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