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  1. Agemegos

    What are you watching?

    I binged Good Omens on Amazon Prime video and thought It was a lot of fun. I watched the first episode and ten minutes of the second episode of Foundation on Apple TV and am giving up. It has a very attractive cast and gorgeous CGI, but it is much too dimly-lit and much too slow-moving. None of...
  2. Agemegos

    On an interstellar cruise.

    On an interstellar cruise.
  3. Agemegos

    How Do You Learn a System?

    That’s one reason why a text search function hasn’t quite replaced a good index yet.
  4. Agemegos

    How Do You Learn a System?

    I really have two ways. One is if I'm learning it so that I can play a character in someone else's game. In that case I ask the GM what their campaign is about and so on, then generate a character by going straight through the character generation system in the order presented (if that's...
  5. Agemegos

    Checking out the "Hillfolk" RPG from Pelgrane Press.

    Checking out the "Hillfolk" RPG from Pelgrane Press.
  6. Agemegos


    Yes, and also the Gaean Reach RPG. As a fan of Vancean settings and story material for RPGs I eagerly played the first and bought the other. As a roleplayer who dislikes pool spend systems and other mechanics that require me to make consequential decisions and choices that have no connection to...
  7. Agemegos

    Premises for Call of Cthulhu Adventures from Real Life

    Look around for a bowl of petunias.
  8. Agemegos

    On an intergalactic cruise.

    On an intergalactic cruise.
  9. Agemegos


  10. Agemegos

    Turning fifty-seven!

    Turning fifty-seven!
  11. Agemegos

    I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

    I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.
  12. Agemegos

    What do you think are the most damaging ideas in the hobby?

    I agree that it would be a mistake to make this a place for complaining about and its moderators. Cross-forum drama never ends well.
  13. Agemegos

    When do you call for dice rolls?

    I call for dice rolls when I don’t know what would or ought to happen when I don’t want to [have to] decide what will happen. That’s why mechanics that assign the right to say what happens don’t do what I want done.
  14. Agemegos

    The Food and Drink Thread

    The five major food groups are gin, dry vermouth, lemon zest, olives, and ice.
  15. Agemegos

    The Food and Drink Thread

    I find them a bit bitter. Parsley is my preferred basis vector in that dimension of flavour.
  16. Agemegos

    What's a noncritically acclaimed RPG that you like?

    I am still pretty fond of ForeSight, a 1980s SF RPG that covered everything (including spaceship design and construction, space combat, star system generation, and society generation) except for magic in 124 pages. Though I do have to complain that recently gnomes have been sneaking into my...
  17. Agemegos

    A thread full of horse

    Despite the plethora of notoriously venomous animals in Australia, it is horses that kill far the most people around here.
  18. Agemegos

    Best practices for an episodic campaign

    On the topic of treating an RPG campaign like a TV series, I came across a very interesting blog post or web article about how TV series are put together: How to Write That TV-show Bible, Finally, by Allen B. Ury. It includes a check-list of thirteen items that have to go into the design of a TV...
  19. Agemegos

    What are y'all up to these days?

    Can’t beat the body-in-peat-bog quality of Llaphroaig.
  20. Agemegos

    So the other forum blew it ... bet this one doesn't!

    Well, obviously you need one that recites a standard sutra, prayer, or verse when a coin is put into the offerings box.
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