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  1. Ragr

    Free League announces Blade Runner RPG in 2022

    Meanwhile, over in the UK, what we really want, and no one will admit to it although it's self evidently true is... ....the RPG. Now that's what I call proper nostalgia.
  2. Ragr

    Free League announces Blade Runner RPG in 2022

    Free League have stated in the blurb that, "The core game and its line of expansions will push the boundaries of investigative gameplay in tabletop RPGs, giving players a range of tools to solve an array of cases far beyond retiring Replicants. Beyond the core casework, the RPG will both in...
  3. Ragr

    The Prog Rock Thread

    Finding lots to enjoy with the latest Jane Getter Premonition album Anomalia. She's really stretching out from the instrumental jazz fusion bracket and finding some seriously good songwriting chops to go with the guitar talents. Some great guest players as well as her usual collaborators.
  4. Ragr

    He Said She Said

    Was reminded of this today: “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the...
  5. Ragr

    Vaesen - Online GMT September 5th

    As part of my groups bi-annual online weekender games meet-up I’ll be running The Silver of the Sea for Vaesen on Sunday 5th September, 10am-1pm/lunch break/2pm-6pm GMT. I’ll be using Hangouts or Zoom for the game, theatre of the mind style play, not using a VTT. I currently have a spare seat...
  6. Ragr

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    It uses Fixer/Grifter/Operator/Soldier/Technician/Transporter. You can probably guess the analogues.
  7. Ragr

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Dave's run it up to 14th level, with identical xp requirements for each class.
  8. Ragr

    Tell us about something good that you got recently

    Just received a copy of this, a BX based spy game, produced by a mate of mine. Played a one shot of this recently and it was simple, quick and flavouful.
  9. Ragr

    Savage Worlds - Tests of Will

    As above, it tends to get used only by a small minority of players who are down with the bells and whistles of SW; when it is used my experiences have been that it's added some nice colour as well as the mechanical benefit. I've never seen it abused in any way.
  10. Ragr

    Horror Mythos replacement

    I've had a lot of joy (er?) with The Esoterrorists. The central idea is that there is veil between our world and the other side, wherein lurk creatures and beings of utter horror. The weakening of the veil is caused by human fear and cognitive dissonance and the Esoterrorists themselves are...
  11. Ragr

    Delta Green

    All hail!:grin: I shall return to DG for certain - although it will be after the Lies that are Eternal.
  12. Ragr

    Delta Green

    This reminds me that I need to call my recent players and tell them that everything about me running Wormwood Arena and Viscid was an absolute sham and nothing mattered except my own manipulative joy. Yeah, they survived. Me! Yeah, they managed to lay to rest two deviant threats. All me! They...
  13. Ragr

    I hate geese. A free roaming thread.
  14. Ragr

    Coriolis - what's the deal and should I get it?

    Yeah. You'd hope that a player whose character frequently offered a quick prayer to a particular Icon would at some point bring in a little more input to reinforce the concept - visit a holy site, do a small favour for the church etc. Probably wouldn't happen in a one-shot but a campaign should...
  15. Ragr

    Coriolis - what's the deal and should I get it?

    I actually agree with you to a degree. There's psychology involved with this and there's a big difference in practice between giving an npc a benefit as a result of a pc choice and potentially removing a future pc choice as a result of a previous choice. To say that your gun jams, your ammo...
  16. Ragr

    Reboot that game!

    Yggdrasill. Great setting. Great campaign. System that had some good ideas that just didn't work. Or make mathematical sense. That caused my player's heads to implode every session. Strip down to spare parts. Keep some. Throw most away. Buy some new parts. Assemble competently. Doesn't need...
  17. Ragr

    Coriolis - what's the deal and should I get it?

    At the risk of posting something a little lengthy, I read Coriolis a couple of weeks ago and wrote this review elsewhere. For a TL:DR hit the final paragraph. "My latest read was Coriolis, a 388 page core rulebook and setting guide. It’s lavishly illustrated throughout in that Free League...
  18. Ragr

    Best version of Gumshoe?

    I've run The Fathomless Sleep for CC twice and enjoyed both runouts. For what is essentially a fairly scripted experience both games were notably different in feel and this came as a pleasant surprise; one game was quite a relaxed and slow building affair whilst the second was more full on in...
  19. Ragr

    Osprey Games - Role-playing Games

    I ran my TDP game last weekend and it went well - although not as well as I'd have liked. The system had nothing to do with my slight disappointment and performed admirably in helping to deliver a really gritty and very specific style of sci-fi; I wasn't entirely sure about the tagline...
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