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  1. robertsconley

    Middle Earth Magic and all that...

    So in the Tolkien thread there was a discussion of Middle Earth magic and the different interpretations. Personally I always felt overall magic was low key even when it involved Gandalf throwing or dealing with fire. Doing much what folklore does by taking the mundane and adding a dash of the...
  2. robertsconley

    Bat in the Attic Blog

    Once the treasure is won where can it be spent? One popular choice is to build or buy a stronghold, whether it is a lonely wilderness outpost, a crossroad inn, or a building in a bustling city state. Buying versus Building If the campaign is set in a city or town, often there isn’t room for...
  3. robertsconley

    A song about Traveller the RPG

    So I noticed a reference in the Burgess Shale post and googled sure enough this came up. THE TRAVELLER SAGA by Douglas & Kirsten Berry (ttto: American Pie, by Don McLean) A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the first game stirred my soul Known Space on the StarForce map A fist of...
  4. robertsconley

    A Fantasy Sandbox in Detail Part XXII

    Part XXI This is the twenty second post in a series detailing the 34 steps I recommended for making a Fantasy Sandbox Campaign. Today's post will cover step 28. Scan your descriptions for NPCs or noted monsters. Write a two sentence about each. The first a one line with minimal stats the...
  5. robertsconley

    Our AI future and Tabletop Roleplaying

    What I hope for and think will happen, is something like this. So you want to create a setting and populate it. Most folks I know generally has two or three dozen ideas going into this. It may be more but there is some limit. Once you start working beyond this limit it become a bit of a chore...
  6. robertsconley

    Advanced Edition Tables with Javascript

    I continue to covert over some of the tables I made with Inspiration Pad Pro into Javascript. This time it is the Grenade Scatter tables from the DMG and the NPC Personae Table. Enjoy! Advanced Edition Tables
  7. robertsconley

    Blackmarsh in Spanish!

    When I released Blackmarsh I made the entire text and map open content under the open game license. When fans of systems like GURPS, Hero System, etc pointed that made it difficult for them to use in conjunction with the permission SJ Games and other companies gave, I added a creative commons...
  8. robertsconley

    Majestic Fantasy 5th edition, first pass

    Some of you may have seen the booklets I posted here on my take on a small number of 5th edition classes. Last month in addition to the other project I am working on, I was inspired by a friend to expand this out to cover the entire range of classes in 5th edition. As it looks like I won't be...
  9. robertsconley

    Random Treasure Types and Unguarded Treasure for OD&D

    I used my programming skills to create a on-line utility that allows you to pick a OD&D treasure type and roll. Includes Unguarded Treasure levels 1 to 5. It also has a button where you can copy the results so you can paste them a document. Enjoy!
  10. robertsconley

    Bandits & Brigands

    Figure folks would find the following useful. It is an excerpt from the Majestic Fantasy rules I been working. One thing I am doing different is including an NPC "Monster Manual" as my campaigns often features conflicts and complications with NPCs as well as monsters. This particular section is...
  11. robertsconley

    Covid-19 and Relief for RPG Publishers

    The Covid pandemic has caused severe economic disruption which impacted businesses across the United States including those involved in publishing the tabletop roleplaying industry. Particularly hard hit are those of us who make a lot of our sales from conventions. I am personally am out a...
  12. robertsconley

    Adventure Log Sheet for Champions/Hero System

    I always been a fan of the Hero System and Champions. While I moved on to other system for fantasy roleplaying it is still my goto RPG for super hero campaign. I am starting up a campaign for some friends who are interested in playing some super heroes. One of the things I used in past campaign...
  13. robertsconley

    Let's Read Harnmaster

    As promised. First off Harnmaster is divided into loose leaf articles meant to be placed in a 3-ring binder. There were a few exceptions but the whole line was published like this after the mid 80s. circa 2010 I will post a more recent screen shot later Introduction This is a 2 page article...
  14. robertsconley

    Sparkling new copy of Harnmaster

    Columbia Games decided it was time to spruce up their Harnmaster boxed set and order a new printing. You can get on the action on kickstarter. Harnmaster has long been one of my favorite RPGs. You can read a detailed account of a session in my 911 call from the Attic post. It a skill based...
  15. robertsconley

    OD&D, Fighters and Number of Attacks

    In ODnD or Swords and Wizardry, a fighter gets 1 attack per level when facing a group of opponents with 1 HD or less. Note in ADnD this was changed to 1-1 HD or less. The origin of this rule is found in The Strategic Review, Volume 1, No 2, Page 3. It is Gygax's adaptation of the Chainmail...
  16. robertsconley

    Reduced price for the first set of maps for Wilderlands of High Fantasy

    Given the what happened recently with Judges Guild I not been promoting my products even though I still offer them for sale. Still I have been getting a steady stream of sales and I thank everybody who purchased one of my products including folks here at the pub. With problems caused by the...
  17. robertsconley

    The one where I talk about light and darkness

    From a post on my blog Demi-Humans in B/X and OSE just got a little more scarier. So Tim of Gothridge Manor pointed out some details on the Light spells. Including this tidbit found in Old School Essentials I went to the copies of B/X I bought and sure enough it is the same. In OSE and BX...
  18. robertsconley

    Concerning Bat in the Attic Games

    The one where I talk about the future of Bat in the Attic Games I want to thank everybody for their support and appreciate the solidarity that was shown. It wasn't 100% but it was very high. Keep that in mind as we move on and the debates begin. Moving on is what this post is about. What I...
  19. robertsconley

    Dice of the 70s

    Jon Peterson of Playing at the World made an excellent video and post about the first generation of dice.
  20. robertsconley

    Wizard of the Majestic Realms

    robertsconley submitted a new resource: Wizard of the Majestic Realms - 5e Wizard class variant Read more about this resource...
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