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  1. Simon Hogwood

    What have you been reading?

  2. Simon Hogwood

    Me, Myself & Die!

    ". . . and a special thank you to my friend @TristramEvans, who recommended that I wear this ridiculous getup."
  3. Simon Hogwood

    Kickstarters Thread

    Two big ones I've been watching for dropped this week - first, the prehistoric 5E setting Planegea that I mentioned in the 5E thread: And second is the long-awaited GURPS: Girl Genius:
  4. Simon Hogwood

    Best Comic Panels of All Time

    Comics, everybody!
  5. Simon Hogwood

    (PfCoCAfRL Spotlight) The Valley of the Headless Men

    My point was that given similar excuses were used for previous decapitations, it's not at all unlikely the same thing happened in this instance. I've already mentioned how I would game this out - my thought for a system would be Call of Cthulhu, maybe even Delta Green.
  6. Simon Hogwood

    (PfCoCAfRL Spotlight) The Valley of the Headless Men

    :shock: So, another decapitation, then?
  7. Simon Hogwood

    The Cosplay Thread

    Yeah, I missed it in the Dank Memes thread somehow. I got it from a Facebook post that specified what power company the dad worked for.
  8. Simon Hogwood

    Running a Kingdom

    While I have a great deal of respect and admiration for ACKS, it must be admitted that it doesn't shy away from the number-crunching:
  9. Simon Hogwood

    (PfCoCAfRL Spotlight) The Valley of the Headless Men

    Only in mysterious caves that may or may not actually exist. Here's a Twitter thread with some scans of newspaper stories about giant skeletons: And here's a followup thread about early explorers meeting live giants:
  10. Simon Hogwood

    What are you watching?

    "Hmm, red today. You guys know what that means, right?"
  11. Simon Hogwood

    (PfCoCAfRL Spotlight) The Valley of the Headless Men

    I am reminded of certain similar caves said to be located in another canyon along the Colorado river in the US. I'm sure I'll think of the canyon's name in a minute. Meanwhile, these other caves, if they exist, are said to contain artifacts from a long-lost, possibly Egyptian-influenced culture...
  12. Simon Hogwood

    The Cosplay Thread

    When you want to be a robot in disguise for Halloween, but your dad is an electrician:
  13. Simon Hogwood

    Interesting finds on Drivethru

    In something of a break with tradition, DTRPG has declined to have the traditional pumpkin hunt this year, instead garnishing their Halloween sale with a page of limited-time freebies. If the page is to be believed, there'll be new freebies every day . . .
  14. Simon Hogwood

    OSR Gamemaster Rescue

    Now there's a joke I never thought I'd see referenced on an RPG forum. Bravo. :thumbsup:
  15. Simon Hogwood

    Flames of Freedom powered by Zweihänder

    There's also a free quickstart that's been out for a while if someone wants to get a preview.
  16. Simon Hogwood

    Fairfax OSR - IC Thread

    Sounds good.
  17. Simon Hogwood

    Input on Changing the Forum Structure

    I think adding a crowdfunding/bundles/other sales subforum is a natural direction to go in. Maybe it could pull double duty as a buy/sell/trade forum? Not sure how much of that goes on around here. KaRTAS uses this format, too. I think those are called blogs. :tongue:
  18. Simon Hogwood

    The Dank Memes

  19. Simon Hogwood

    Piracy, the Trove and how they affect the Hobby

    RPG Privateering > RPG Piracy
  20. Simon Hogwood

    [SW5e] The Star Wars -- Star Wars without Canon

    Having thought about it, the closest equivalent I can think of is the Mandaloreans, but of course now they've got a bunch going on thematically. Besides, I'm not gonna make it a sticking point - really I'm not even eager to play a Force-user, it's just that the idea of a lightsaber Bat'leth...
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