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  1. Simon Hogwood

    What 'Ticket to Ride'-like game did I play in the early 2000s?

    So I was playing some Ticket to Ride this afternoon, and was reminded again of a similar game I played about fifteen-twenty years ago (although it may have been older). It has a similar railroad-building premise, but the way I remember it the board was a map of Europe covered in dots, and you...
  2. Simon Hogwood

    13th Age - Summer 2021 Humble Bundle and General Discussion

    So, 13th Age - Pelgrane Press's D&D-alike. There is currently (July-August 2021) a Humble Bundle running for the corebook and several supplements: I was initially somewhat suspicious since they for some reason have it...
  3. Simon Hogwood

    Upcoming (Oct. 2021) Knights Templar Game from Osprey

    So, this looks neat: You are one of the thirty Knights Templar who awoke on Friday, 13 October 1307, only to find themselves wanted criminals and branded heretics by the King of France. Abandoned by the Vatican and sent away early in the morning, you must leave Paris on a day of reckoning and...
  4. Simon Hogwood

    XCrawl: the DCC Reboot

    According to yesterday's announcement, Goodman Games is bringing back the XCrawl setting again, this time for DCC. Which kind of makes sense. Truth be told I don't know much about the setting aside from the general premise, but I've always found it intriguing.
  5. Simon Hogwood

    True Detective, False AD&D Titles

    So, the HBO show True Detective has apparently used a couple of AD&D books as props om a recent episode. However, they're not titles which actually existed. Now, I haven't seen the show, but I have heard that, especially in the first season, there were a lot of references to the whole...
  6. Simon Hogwood

    Battle at Big Rock - Jurassic World Short Film

    I hope those folks have their Cadillac parked nearby, or it's going to be a long walk home . . . But seriously, if this is an indication of where the next film is going, I'm super interested in seeing how it plays out. I'm also super interested in seeing how they retcon there not being nearly...
  7. Simon Hogwood

    Say, How Long Have We Had These Multiple Post Reactions?

    Is the ability to "HaHa" or "Wow" a post a new feature from the recent server migration?
  8. Simon Hogwood

    Multi-Crossover RPG Settings

    So over in the "What IP would you like to see?" thread, Voros brought up the Anno Dracula series. For those who don't know, the books take place in a world where Count Dracula defeated Van Helsing and his group and went on to take over the British Empire. It's a terrific series, but a large part...
  9. Simon Hogwood

    Drums in the Deep . . .

    Just found out about a new project from Cubicle 7 scheduled for next year: It's apparently a box set, to be usable with either the 5E Adventures in Middle-Earth or their original The One Ring game. Either way I'm definitely interested - I've always said that the various expeditions into...
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