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  1. Voros

    Waititi Directing Moebius/Jodorowsky's Incal

    Wish it was a true maverick like Refn, Denis, Verhoeven or Jodorowsky himself (but I guess he's 90+) directing it but hope this kicks ass and we get a more adaptations of 60s and 70s psychedelic classics in addition to Dune, et al.
  2. Voros

    Books on Wargaming

    Similar to the Writings on Role-Playing thread I thought it may be helpful to have a thread about books on the history, practice and theory of wargaming. I'm just starting to dig into some of these now that I have access to academic libraries again with my newish job. Here is one that is...
  3. Voros

    Golden Cobra Larp Competition

    The Golden Cobra larp competition/game jam usually has a few cool and interesting freeform larpscripts each year. Here are this year's entries: 'Rules' and background here: If you dig into the Archives, I'd...
  4. Voros

    Cool Movie Posters - Foreign and Otherwise

  5. Voros

    Attn: Canucks - Four Rogues Trading Company

    A new Canadian distro option for Canucks, ran out of Vancouver from the looks of it with mostly OSR stuff, including OSE and Troika! Nice to have another place to order from with reasonable shipping rates.
  6. Voros

    Charles Bronson in Modern Teen Mag 57'

    Couldn't figure out what thread to post this in but very much felt the need to share.
  7. Voros

    ENnies Award Nominations & Winners

    So I know it is de rigueur to gripe about the Ennies but I figure we should have a thread here to do it in one place and maybe even discuss the nominees we do like. Honestly, all awards for books, films and games are always silly but for a fan-driven...
  8. Voros

    Wargames Just Got Sexy

  9. Voros

    TORQ - A Post-Apoc Driving RPG

    So @Ladybird mentioned in another thread their whitewhale of a game involving driving in an integral and mechanically interesting way for an rpg without it becoming a full fledged boardgame. That reminded me of this game that was part of the last Zinequest. Still in development. TORQ...
  10. Voros

    Can You 'Fix' a Game as a Player?

    Okay so this question comes out of the current campaign of D&D I'm in. It started off mediocre, got a bit better when we switched from 2e to 5e but now has taken a dive. The DM runs sessions as a endless series of colourless combat, no real attempt is made to make NPCs engaging or even...
  11. Voros

    Goodman Games Publishing Dark Tower for DCC & 5e

    Just posted about this here but then I realized it is worthy of its own thread. Goodman Games is republishing Jennell Jaquays' classic dungeon adventurr Dark Tower for Dungeon Crawl Claasics and 5e D&D. Great to see that the Judges Guild classics will not be left OOP for modernday players and...
  12. Voros

    What is Your Appendix N?

    So I thought it might be fun if we discussed what our personal Appendix N or Moldvay's 'Source for Inspirational Reading' is. How you define that is up to you but I'd suggest we keep the list to a Top Ten so it doesn't become too unwieldy. It could be what sources of fiction or with Moldvay's...
  13. Voros

    Appendix N. - The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons & Dragons

    So I spotted this on the MIT Press site under Game Design books (they now distro Strange Attractor Press) even though it is really a collection of classic S&S and fantasy and thought it looked cool enough to order even though I'm already familiar with a lot of the content. It arrived super...
  14. Voros

    GRIMDARK - A Very British Hell

    Another interesting looking book from Strange Attractor Press via MIT. On Warhammer 40,000, Britain's most excessive sci-fi franchise, and its vision of a hellish postindustrial future. In the grim darkness of the British imagination, there is only...
  15. Voros

    Jon Peterson's Game Wizards - The Epic Battle for D&D

    Jon Peterson is sure to piss off many a self-declared internet expert on the hobby's history with this one me thinks. Will be interesting to see the more rabid Gygax and Arneson partisans weeping and gnashing their teeth as several sacred cows are slaughtered. I am such a huge nerd as this...
  16. Voros

    Refn's Culture is for Everyone Streaming Films for Free

    The filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Valhalla Rising) is hosting a curated, free festival of streaming B and Z-grade exploitation and cult classics on his website here: An amazing selection of films curated by exploitation scholars like Jimmy McDonough and Kier-La...
  17. Voros

    Garycon Doc on Chainmail

    Tell the truth Chainmail never grabbed me as a ruleset but this doc from the Garycon crew on it looks good and features the co-designer Jeff Perin.
  18. Voros

    Best Fate Settings/Supplements

    So let's talk FATE supplements/settings. Similar to Gurps I'm not that big of a Fate fan but I do dig a number of their settings/supplements and want to explore more. There are several that look promising and I'm wondering if anyone has checked them out or run them. My first introduction to...
  19. Voros

    Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Films

    Funny enough although I know we've had extensive conversations on the subject we don't seem to have a thread dedicated to S&S and fantasy films. In English language film the success of Conan led to a bunch of knock-off S&S films in the 80s, many produced by the exploitation arm of the dying...
  20. Voros

    Adventure RPG (In Need of Translation)

    Wasn't sure which thread this would fit in so I thought I'd create a thread for it all on its own. An imaginary Japanese rpg by Skullboy.
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