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  1. zunbazu

    I would like to donate or join the Patreon if either of those are still possible. I seem to have...

    I would like to donate or join the Patreon if either of those are still possible. I seem to have lost the link. Thanks and cheers!
  2. zunbazu

    Has anyone run an extended Historical campaign?

    That's the closest I've ever gotten as well. A short "inspired-by" jaunt into faux fantasy Antiquity. Someday, maybe! Mythras in the bundle has really got me thinking and dreaming.
  3. zunbazu

    Has anyone run an extended Historical campaign?

    I haven't, but I would love to someday. Probably set during the Roman Empire (early or late, doesn't matter).
  4. zunbazu

    GMs: do you stand up?

    I stand up here and there, depending on the context. Embodying NPCs through acting and dialogue is one of my strengths as a DM and sometimes it helps to stand for that, as noted by others in the thread. I can get a lot more subtlety and nuance into my gestures when I'm standing. But my group...
  5. zunbazu

    Matt Colville and Strongholds & Streaming

    Bitterness is par for the course on the internet. But there isn't a whole lot that 2 mil wouldn't soothe, IMO. Best of luck to him, at any rate! It can only be a good thing for the hobby.
  6. zunbazu

    D&D in the zeitgeist

    It seems like a cliche at this point to remark on D&D 5e's success and sudden pop-cultural visibility, but it does seem to be out there in the zeitgeist right now. I was wondering: how has this manifested itself in your own life? Has it at all, or has it been totally unremarkable? For my...
  7. zunbazu

    [PbtA] Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction

    The effects of the drug war hit much too close to home for me to get much out of the subject matter (YMMV!), but I do like the art.
  8. zunbazu

    Mapping, how do you do it?

    As far as techniques go: if you're out of ideas and don't want to use a generator, you can trace over real world coastlines and flip/mirror them and you have a pretty quick, pretty realistic region. Also, if you've made yourself a region map a fun thing I like to do is load it up in Google Earth...
  9. zunbazu

    Mapping, how do you do it?

    I draw mine out by hand, then scan and trace over those with some kind of photoshop-like program. I've collected a bunch from online over the years as well, which come in handy every now and then.
  10. zunbazu

    Do your eyes glaze over at the details other people's fantasy settings?

    I think it depends on if I'm looking to pick up what the creator is laying down, so to speak. A lot of stuff doesn't resonate with me, but I like some of the weirder settings and ideas folks have come up with.
  11. zunbazu

    [Youtube] D&D in the News! Then and Now

    I sampled a bit from a Canadian story on D&D from the 80s to use in an electronic music track. The track wasn't great but it was a fun little diversion to watch these old clips and see the crazy stuff they were saying about RPGs back then.
  12. zunbazu

    TV recommendation thread

    Here's a show you might not expect: CW's The 100. It's a CW show, so there are some CW-like elements, but it hasn't detracted from what has been a fun ride so far. I just watched the third season, which was the most D&D like season of a TV show I've seen in a long time, I think. There are...
  13. zunbazu

    What IP/games would you like to see?

    There was a whole catalog of planned supplements? Brutal!
  14. zunbazu

    What IP/games would you like to see?

    Oh wow, I never knew that. I've seen that game around, but never realized it was a re-release. And now there's a new film adaptation coming (directed by Denis Villeneuve, so I'm cautiously optimistic!), it probably won't be any cheaper.
  15. zunbazu

    What IP/games would you like to see?

    I had no idea this existed! Adding it to the growing queue of things I should watch. I'd like to see another iteration of Dune. I know one was published and then abandoned by the publisher almost immediately, but it would be nice to have another Dune rpg that collectors aren't pushing the...
  16. zunbazu

    Long term recruiting and survival

    Thanks, Charlie D and Baulderstone! And hey, sometimes a different lunacy is all you really need :)
  17. zunbazu

    Long term recruiting and survival

    I'm new here and don't have much to add, but thanks for making this forum. I've been a member of both .net and rpgsite for many years, been arbitrarily banned multiple times from one of them, and have become thoroughly alienated from the cultures on both sites. Also echoing the sentiment earlier...
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