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  1. Gringnr

    TMNT retro- clone

    Saw this elsewhere and thought it might generate some interest. Pre-order the print copy HERE:
  2. Gringnr

    Question about Dark Sun compatibility

    So, I bought the hardcover reprint of Dark Sun, because it's fairly cheap ($23.99) as of this posting. My first inclination is ro run it (if and when it hits the table) with Swords & Wizardry. I have limited experience with 2e, and while I'm not opposed to using it, S&W really huts the sweet...
  3. Gringnr

    Nu-TSR suing WotC: Schadenfreude is back on the menu, boys!

    So, the brain trust at nu-TSR is asking for money, ostensibly to sue WotC for... I dunno. Filing says trademark stuff. But they're also wanting to somehow force TSR to remove the "Legacy products disclaimer" on dtrpg...
  4. Gringnr

    Founder of Something Awful dies

    Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, founder of seminal website Something Awful, has died.
  5. Gringnr

    Classic Star Wars minis for $3.29 get 'em while they're hot! Limited quantity, 3 pack of Pirate figures...
  6. Gringnr

    D&D Stats for Bugs Bunny & Popeye You know you want it...
  7. Gringnr

    Flames of Freedom powered by Zweihänder

    So, this just dropped yesterday. I believe it's a reworking of the Colonial Gothic rpg onto the Zweihänder chassis. I have the book. It's a massive beast, unsurprisingly. Richard Iorio, who wrote Colonial Gothic (and collaborated on Lords of Olympus), is credited as lead writer. I've been...
  8. Gringnr

    Good Prices on Horror on the Orient Express 2021

    I have seen this at Miniature Market for $68 and Gamenerds for $63. Not sure how long these prices will last, but they're a good but cheaper than usual. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone has been on the fence about these...
  9. Gringnr

    Free League announces Blade Runner RPG in 2022 Like Alien, this is a bit too specific for my taste (though it could be awesome, as Alien reportedly is). Curious to see how it does for them.
  10. Gringnr

    New D&D setting from Tracy & Laura Hickman? Haven't seen this discussed anywhere here. I saw it yesterday and was surprised it didn't have a thread (that I saw). So, I'm either about to spark a nice discussion, or feel really dumb. Kind of like the time I was listening to the radio in the middle of the night, and...
  11. Gringnr

    Blades in the Dark in development for TV show...
  12. Gringnr

    Art of the Genre hardcovers? This company offers several "orange spine" hardcovers statted in both AD&D and 5E. Anyone heard of these? Looks like they have a couple of high level campaigns, a couple of low to medium level campaigns, a bestiary and a book of DM material. They look awesome. Anyone...
  13. Gringnr

    Anybody used Fiverr or similar?

    So, I recently posted in another thread about some minis I got for The Price of Freedom. The minis, as it turns out are pretty rare. Not necessarily valuable, but rare. At least, not from what I can see. So, barring some new info, I'm thinking about getting them painted for home use. I lack the...
  14. Gringnr

    D&D Novels, Video Games, Spin-Offs Declared Non-Canon By WotC
  15. Gringnr

    What "Bad" Games Do You Like?

    What are some "bad" games that you like? For purposes of this thread, "bad" can be your appraisal or someone else's. It can be a game that everyone hates, or that gets bad reviews, or just one that you like, even though you think it's broken, dumb or just plain terrible. Are there games that you...
  16. Gringnr

    Happy Independence Day!

  17. Gringnr

    Albedo rpg now on drivethru

    Awright, you furry deviants! The first edition box set of the Albedo rpg is on drivethrurpg dot com. As are the ship sourcebooknand two adventures. The Drift is rather meh, IMO, but Zho-Chaka is one of the best adventures I've seen. The game was written by Paul Kidd, who worked in the latest...
  18. Gringnr

    The original cut of the Super Mario Brothers movie has been released

    The original directors found the version they turned in that got cut all to hell because studio people have to ruin everything. It's VHS quality, but it restores 20 minutes of cut footage and makes the movie a bit weirder. Enjoy.
  19. Gringnr

    New Marvel RPG coming in 2022
  20. Gringnr

    What's the best place to get cheap but not horrible d10s?

    What it says on the tin. I'm feeling drunk or insane or something and I may try to run Immortal 1st edition for my group (I know, I know...). So, I will need 5 or 6 sets of 9 d10s, one each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, gray. I have seen some cheap sets on...
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