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  1. Leon ap Hywel

    Shadow World creator - Terry Amathor passed away

    Just saw on TBP that he’s passed away, man I loved that setting. Never got to play.
  2. Leon ap Hywel

    Mythras: Generation’s

    Purely a speculative idea but what do you all think of a game played across three timelines (essentially past, present and future lives) akin to Katherine Kerrs Deverry series. Too much to expect players to focus on?
  3. Leon ap Hywel

    Mythras - The Monster Island Experience

    So seeing as there is a large contingent of Mythras fans here I was wondering who's done something with Monster Island? @Raleel I think it's you that has said you consider it one of the essential Mythras buys? And what sort of tales you had told or been a part of? As a massive S&S and pulp fan...
  4. Leon ap Hywel

    Mythras: Who to buy from?

    Hi all, Quick question for the Mythras hivemind. If you were buying a physical copy of the Mythras books but possess all the PDF's who would be the best to buy from? Lulu Aeon Publishing Drivethru And going forward with new stuff the best to get physical and PDF's.
  5. Leon ap Hywel

    Swords of the Serpentine

    Got to play this last night...interesting and enjoyed my character but I don’t think it’s a system for me. Positives: Good setting vibes, interesting skills and character builds. Negatives: Hero to zero way to easy if a fight is going against you and whilst I don’t mind resource management for...
  6. Leon ap Hywel

    Best place for finding players online

    So my group have as always shied away from the brilliance that is Mythras. Since I have the time however I am toying with running a second game online in the not immediate but foreseeable future (sometime after gencon). Whilst a couple of the night port over, where’s a good place to rustle up a...
  7. Leon ap Hywel

    Setting trumps rules?

    So I’ve agreed to run D&D again, despite oaths to the gods. Admittedly I’m hoping a good solid campaign will have my players follow me into another system after but mostly it’s a setting thing. Now I know the arguments that ‘my favourite system can do anything’ exists. But! Have you ever come...
  8. Leon ap Hywel

    Hot of the press (digitally) - Keyforge now available for those So inclined.
  9. Leon ap Hywel

    My love to hate relationship with D&D

    So as promised and as a one-time only discussion point. Why I cannot stand D&D*. *Caveat: I won’t argue with you over your liking it, horses for courses and all that but will be happy to discuss cordially why I don’t J. As I’m writing this in work I may need to clarify my points based on...
  10. Leon ap Hywel

    Beyond the Wall Thought Exercise

    So although I’m not a fan of the underlying system I really dig the character and community generation of Beyond the Wall. Since work is inherently boring I’ve been pondering the game and got to wondering how would people adapt it to; 1. Mythras 2. Genesys Could you generate stats...
  11. Leon ap Hywel

    The Everway Thread

    So my Mythras prep/reading is going uber slow due to a variety of reasons but well, today though I’ve felt to tired to focus intently so I’ve taken a break and decided to flick though the simply gorgeous Everway box set. Everway was one of those games I’ve always loved owning and flicking...
  12. Leon ap Hywel

    The best RPG blogs

    On the back of the OSR blog post, and our own Doc Sammy’s post what are some of the best RPG blogs out there? And if your in the mood to say so why. No need to repeat the ones in the threads mentioned, you can if you want but I’m already checking them out, and bonus points if it’s...
  13. Leon ap Hywel

    Next game chosen - Mythras :)

    So it seems all it took to get my next campaign on the table was a bit of life saving spinal surgery :hehe: Discussion with the group has led to Mythras, my favourite game. We’re looking at a dark fantasy setting in the spirit of such shows as Britannia, The Last Kingdom, Viking’s and so on...
  14. Leon ap Hywel

    New-Terrinoth-Genesys-preview For those interested, chomping at the bit myself.
  15. Leon ap Hywel

    The art of Runequest

    So from RQ 1-7(4 whatever), from chaosium, GW, Avalon Hill to Issaries or Design Mechanism which edition/version of RQ has your favourite artwork? I have to admit love Mythras though I do the GW art does float my boat.
  16. Leon ap Hywel

    L5R Beta

    For those interested I noticed the beta is now available to download.
  17. Leon ap Hywel

    Best system for enemy stat blocks

    so as it says in the title what is the best system and why. Completely subjective so no wrong answer.
  18. Leon ap Hywel


  19. Leon ap Hywel

    Mutants & Masterminds 3e

    So this is getting talked up a bit at the moment. I was heavily invested into 2e and have the corebook (unread) for 3e. Unlikely to pick up since my group sucks at playing superhero games but... What’s everyone’s opinion on the update. Good hero system? Is the setting still good comic book...
  20. Leon ap Hywel

    50 shades of halfling

    So spinning off from elsewhere what is your absolute favourite flavour of halfling? Mine has to be the Dino-riding Talenta nomads from Eberron, absolutely love them.
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