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  1. Baulderstone

    Discounts and deals on RPGs

    This a thread for posting links to current deals on RPGs and related products. Feel free to announce deals on your own products as long as you don't get overly spammy with it. We'll be keeping an eye on the thread and may add more guidelines if they are needed. There is also a separate thread...
  2. Baulderstone

    Playing with game creators

    @AndreasDavour just posted about James Raggi, creator of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I'm quoting him here as a way to kick off a thread where people can talk about their experiences playing with the creators of games. I have some experiences playing with game designers myself, but I...
  3. Baulderstone

    Strange Tales of Songling print version is available for order

    I've had a number of requests to let people know when they can order a print version of Strange Tales of Songling. The answer is now. The PDF remains available through Drive Thru. For anyone unfamiliar with the game, here is the blurb... "Adventure in worlds haunted by fox spirits, hopping...
  4. Baulderstone

    Alien: The Play

    North Bergen High School here in New Jersey just put on a school play version of Alien. As a bonus all the sets are made from things they found in the trash, which really suits the Alien aesthetic.
  5. Baulderstone

    Looks like Amazon is saving The Expanse

    The final deal isn't signed yet, but Amazon wants to do season four according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently Bezos is a big fan of the books and was upset Amazon didn't get the show in the first place. Must be nice to be able to bail out your favorite show out-of-pocket.
  6. Baulderstone

    Babylon 5 Watch Thread

    I've been reviewing Babylon 5 for the last couple of months with Brendan Davis on his Bedrock Podcast, and I have been meaning to start a thread here to discuss it as well just maximize my opportunity to nerd out about the show. I've watched the show before, but the last time I did was about...
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