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  1. Dammit Victor

    What's Wrong with Oriental Adventures?

    The current discussion on the "no politics" rule has actually led me to believe that I can get away with this... so here we go. First, I want to make my intentions as clear as possible: I am not here to shit on Oriental Adventures. I own the AD&D and 3.0 versions of Oriental Adventures in...
  2. Harl Quinn

    House rules (as seen online/in magazines!)

    Dovetailing from the "Reboot that game!" thread, one of the things I find interesting about RPGs is the number of house rules and mods people have come up with. It was one of the things that brought me back to the pages of Dragon Magazine back in the days of AD&D 1e, 2e, and D&D 3.x. Has anybody...
  3. TristramEvans

    Gygax vs Realism

    A spin-off from the RuneQuest thread, where BlackWolf called attention to this article by Gary Gygax in an early issue of "The Dragon" Curious, I hunted down a copy of the article. And wow, is it a doozy. At once a strange glimpse into the mind of Gygax when D&D was rapidly vaulting towards...
  4. Voros

    Colbert One-on-One D&D Session with Mercer for Charity

    The first 5-7 minutes of this are fun even if you don't want to watch the whole session to just hear more about Colbert's memories of playing D&D, meeting Gygax at Gencon and Metamorphis Alpha!
  5. Akrasia

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh: some initial impressions

    I obtained the Ghosts of Saltmarsh book a few days ago. I haven't had a chance to delve into it in detail, but here are a few first impressions. First, it includes a solid 'mini-setting': Saltmarsh and the surrounding territory (the southernmost portion of the Kingdom of Keoland, roughly 18...
  6. Voros

    Anthony Huso's Fabled City of Brass and Night Wolf Inn

    I've long thought of checking out Anthony Huso's Fabled City of Brass and The Night Wolf Inn but have yet to pull the trigger. I also see he's recently done The Mortuary Temple of Esma. These are OSR adventures and rather unusually for the OSR are based on 1e not B/X mechanically although I...
  7. Voros

    RPGs Charted by Word Count

    A great chart sorting various RPGs by word count showing that some of the OSR complaints about modern rule sets being overwritten are...let's say, selective. I'm not just posting the chart here so people have to actually read the context and other considerations (PF doesn't include the bestiary...
  8. Dammit Victor

    FaerieGodfather's "Sellswords & Godwars" - formerly Untitled "Hybrid Retroclone"

    This is a separate thread to discuss my Untitled Retroclone without the trapping of the Galactic Dragons setting... thus, with a more traditional D&D race/class selection and technology level. It started as a D&D retroclone, combining the AD&D Player's Option rules with a simplified d20...
  9. Dammit Victor

    AD&D Character Concepts

    Someone's starting an AD&D (2e) Planescape game on Myth Weavers, and I really want to get in. Characters must be 2e-legal from official sources. Only stipulation is that they must be native to the Prime Material Plane. Player's Option is allowed, but only the condition that the character...
  10. Kalex

    Weekend Game

    Okay, who had game this weekend and how did it go? I'll start off! This weekend was the 3rd session of my Kalex the Omen's World of Greyhawk (A Gygaxian Good Time!) campaign. I was under-prepared and worried that the session would be a failure. Here is how it played out... The party travelling...
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