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  1. UltraBoi

    New and original multiverse recruiting (players and moderators)

    Hello. I'm currently looking for experienced players within the play-by-post community that are willing to help with the finishing touches of a universe that will amaze most players. It's a completely original multiverse accepting most characters and the forum that I created has a decent design...
  2. Templum Domini

    Anime and Manga Discussion Thread

    I keep wondering why we don't have one before. So, I guess this is the first? I'll be up-front with it, I like Anime and Manga. Does anyone else like it too (Besides @Doc Sammy , who I am inviting on this thread)?
  3. Raleel

    What are you watching?

    it sort of astonishes me that we have a what are you listening to thread, and not another thread for watching or reading. So, what are you watching? currently working on the second season of american gods. i LOVE the show. i frankly don't care what folks think of it. it speaks to me very...
  4. Templum Domini

    Any of you here like Anime-esque Mecha RPs?

    Because a Discord friend of mine, Juan Herrera, made a system for that type of game, Battle Century G. Battle Century G (whose rules, but not setting, are free), is an action-packed game that mixes drama and action with a system that allows for playing both Super Robots, Real Robots...
  5. Voros

    Best Mecha RPG?

    The recent news about Robotech got me thinking about checking out a Mecha RPG but which one? I was never too taken with the genre outside of loving Robotech as a kid but then barely being able to remember it by the time I hit adulthood. I do remember some friends playing some mecha game in...
  6. Doc Sammy

    (Interest Check) Waifu vs. Zombies: A Big Eyes Small Mouth Sandbox Game

    Alright, I have decided to tackle my Gamer ADHD head-on and actually commit to a project as best as I can and as such, I have decided to go with a concept that could easily hold my attention and passion for quite a while. The concept is called Waifu vs. Zombies and it is a zombie...
  7. noman

    TV recommendation thread

    Recommend your favorite television show, cartoon, or anime. Do it! You know you wanna.
  8. Doc Sammy

    My New Page Dedicated to RPG Fanfiction and Campaign Journals

    So, as some of you already know, I occasionally write fanfiction and I have written RPG fics in the past on other Fanfiction accounts (haven't completed them yet, but I will), but I decided to make a new Fanfiction.Net account for the sole purpose of campaign journals and RPG fanfics with an...
  9. Doc Sammy

    Ever Write Fanfiction for RPG's?

    So, I'm wondering if anyone has ever written fanfics or other stories about your favorite RPG's? I don't get to play as much as I used to, but I do get ideas for stories set in various RPG settings, or ideas of potential campaigns that I sometimes convert into stories. I don't usually post them...
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