ars magica

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  1. SJB

    Ars Magica Survival Kit

    I was long into gaming hibernation by the time Ars Magica appeared but it’s piqued my interest enough recently to consult the archives. The Pub has hosted two extended discussions, one in 2017 and one in 2021. The Hive Mind concluded: 1. Second Edition is the best version. 2. Ars Magica would...
  2. Raging Iron Thunder

    Need ideas to flesh out an ancient fantasy Prison in "Mythic" Medieval Europe

    So in my Ars Magica campaign (with 1 player), the PC has an egg sized blue crystal that beats like a heart he found in an ancient Temple complex under Damascus. He has used it to go to a small pocket universe (Regio). Using my new Deck of Worlds, my player and I built some key features of this...
  3. Ronnie Sanford

    Just uploaded rules for freeform magic in BRP type games

    Find it here at
  4. Ronnie Sanford

    Freeform Magic for BRP games 2.1

    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of homebrew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and...
  5. Ronnie Sanford

    Ars Magica Mechanics

    Has anyone played this? Can you describe the mechanics a bit? How crunchy is the game? Any special challenges in running it?
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