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  1. TristramEvans

    Doodling D&D

    Way back in the mists of time, before The Pub, I started a thread on our former haunt entitled "Doodling D&D", in which I spent roughly 15 minutes a day (typically during my lunch break at work at the time) sketching one creature, in order, from the AD&D 2e Mostrous Manual. I got pretty far...
  2. aftiago

    Hi! I am an freelance illustrator looking for fantasy/medieval jobs!

    Hi there! My name is Tiago Fernandes and I am a brazilian freelance artist. Most of my illustration works were for books or personal use, and last year I didn't really had the chance of working with fantasy art (worked only once designing a creature from a RPG). So, if you have any interest in...
  3. Voros

    Modern RPG/OSR Artists

    We have a thread for classic old school art so I thought it would be cool to have one for modern rpg/osr artists.
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