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  1. Voros

    B/X, BECMI and OSE Love Thread

    Don't think we have a thread dedicated to the Basic and Expert sets by Cook/Moldvay, Mentzer and company's Basic to Inmortal expansion of the B/X core and Old School Essentials, the current darling (rightly) of the OSR that compiles the original B/X rules in one book AND the Advanced OSE which...
  2. Voros

    What would a new 'Red Box' look like?

    So taking this topic from another thread: many, many kids were introduced to D&D in the 80s via the ubiquitous 'Red Box' by Frank Mentzer for BECMI. I've also read many nostalgic stories of others getting their start with Holmes, B/X or The Black Box. If today there was going to be another 'Red...
  3. Voros

    Night's Dark Terror (Basic, Expert) Converted to WFRP 1e

    This is very cool, a conversion of one of my all-time favourite adventures/mini-settings Night's Dark Terror from Basic/Expert of the BECMI-era to WFRP 1e. Free and still available for download but grab it while you can because you never know when these kind of things will get pulled down.
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