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  1. Cookiekittyuke

    BESM, Absolute Power, and Tri-Stat System topics thread

    I was curious whom around this form were fans of Dyskami Publishing's developed ttrpgs using the overall newest version of the Tri-Stat System! I would love to talk about the the revival of BESM up to the new Multiverse; Silver Age Sentinels as Absolute Power; The Tri-Stat System as a whole and...
  2. Doc Sammy

    (Interest Check) Waifu vs. Zombies: A Big Eyes Small Mouth Sandbox Game

    Alright, I have decided to tackle my Gamer ADHD head-on and actually commit to a project as best as I can and as such, I have decided to go with a concept that could easily hold my attention and passion for quite a while. The concept is called Waifu vs. Zombies and it is a zombie...
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