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  1. Rated Aargh

    Anyone had a chance to play [Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen] yet? Can you tell me about it?

    I don't have much to add beyond the title of the thread. Has anyone played Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen? Solo or with a group? What are your impressions? Worth getting/playing?
  2. drakkarmaster

    App for Boardgamers and RPG fans

    Greetings RPG Pub community, how are you? :smile: We re Drakkarti, a startup that develops apps to assist players in several RPG games and boardgames. We invite you to discover Rolld, a free app that generates different types of dices (numeric, alphanumeric, for RPG, for table games...
  3. Voros

    GMT Games - Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth, etc.

    A passing remark by Jon Peterson on a YT video interview on the history of wargames led me to the boardgame Labyrinth which looks intriguing. Then I realized this is the same company that did Twilight Struggle, one of those games that you hear a lot about but also look a bit intimidating. But...
  4. Smith

    The Board Game Thread - What have you Played recently?

    Inspired by the Video Game thread, I thought it might be interesting to have a similarly themed thread based on people's board gaming experiences recently. What have been playing? Yesterday my kickstarter copy of Pax Pamir 2nd Edition arrived, and so my wife and I did a simple 2 player game...
  5. Necrozius

    Zombicide: Black Plague + Green Horde

    Greetings! I wanted to start a thread about one of my favorite board games ever, Zombicide. Official pages: I had missed the original Kickstarters for these games, so I don't have everything, but I've managed...
  6. Lessa

    I think I'm enjoying boardgames more than RPGs these days

    Since I met these thematic boardgames full of roleplayish elements like Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror, Netrunner, Shinobigami, etc. I came to enjoy them more than fullly-fledged tabletop RPGs. Can't precise the reason but I guess these games have a greater action-to-wait ratio than RPGs and...
  7. Voros

    What did you buy recently/what are you playing?

    Thought we should have a general thread here for posting and discussing recent games. My wife and I recently picked up Dreamwell. It was on sale and we know the artist who did all the art for the game, she is a well known rock n' roll poster artist. Played one game so far and it was fun, it...
  8. thedungeondelver

    Kingdom Death

    I'm not linking to any of the minis. At all. Especially not "that one". Jesus Christ why would you own those. Why. It's like FATAL given 3d form. Why, dear god why. Look, I'm a guy who is entirely OK with he/him pronouns as default in RPGs. Naked boobies in AD&D don't phase me one bit...
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