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  1. CaoCao

    [BUNDLE][Glorantha][RQG] Sales time!

    Hello everybody! I just created a -48% discounted bundle with everything I ever wrote for RuneQuest Glorantha! For 4.50 $ you can have: - seven brief scenarios useful to save your evening as busy GM; - a mini-bestiary with 7 new creatures; - a collection of 50 random trinkets. ALL included...
  2. CaoCao

    [Glorantha][RQG] near Silver level, need help!

    hello fellows :) this product of mine is 1 copy short to become a Silver Bestseller! could you help me in reaching the goal? it is a fast scenario perfect for this night game: thanks a lot!
  3. Korgoth

    Ruin Masters is finally out, so what do you think?

    The Ruin Masters RPG by RiotMinds (makers of the excellent and beautiful Trudvang, Lex Occultum & Drachar och Demoner rpgs) has recently released in PDF and Physical form. I didn't see a thread on the released version so I thought I'd start one. What do those of you who've got the PDF's or...
  4. Séadna

    Universal systems: Differences and Weaknesses

    This is coming from this thread and it's something I've been thinking about a bit. It seems many of us see universal systems as not truly universal. That is each has a specific style and thus genres or settings it wouldn't work well with. So the idea of this thread is just to talk about that...
  5. Ronnie Sanford

    BRP players - any variant?

    I’ve noticed we seem to have a lot of Mythras players and a reasonable sprinkling of other BRP variants too (Especially Call of Cthulhu). How many of you play a variant of BRP?
  6. Mankcam

    BRP The Edition Wars To End All Wars

    Ok here it is - the placeholder thread battleground to discuss the merits of any and all of the different editions of BRP, like the true civilised folk we are! :thumbsup:
  7. soltakss

    Announcing the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document and Open Game License

    As I think it would be highly unlikely that MOB posts here, I thought I'd link the post on BRP Central. Chaosium is pleased to announce the release of the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document (SRD). The Basic Roleplaying SRD is based on Basic Roleplaying, the simple, fast, and elegant...
  8. tenbones

    Of Mythras, Runequest, Glorantha, Edition wars, and where to start???

    So I've been seriously wanting to dig into Runequest/Mythras for some time. I want to read it, absorb it and put it in my back pocket for when my players least expect it and whip it out, and go BOOM! This is what we're doing... (and hopefully they'll bite. I've been taking them out of their...
  9. Ronnie Sanford

    New Magic World review on the big purple

    Its really good and can be found here I know I am living a pipe dream but I wish Chaosium would republish this book perhaps with a new title, cleaned up layout and typos and a deeper (nautical setting). I know there are a lot of Magic World...
  10. Ronnie Sanford

    Worlds United from The Design Mechanism

    I have been thinking of buying this to run with straight BRP rules...Anyone have it? Thoughts?
  11. Ulairi

    Play a game this weekend and honor Greg Stafford

    Greg Stafford's family is rallying gamers to have fun in honor of his passing this coming weekend, November 10. The BRP forums have all the details: I'm at Gamehole Con this weekend and we did much honoring. I'll be...
  12. Moracai

    Basic Role Playing character generation without the math

    I'd like to start a campaign with some form of BRP engine sometime in the future. But I find it tedious to do all the math, like DEX+10 as a base for dodge. It's not like a few points here or there in a skill is very game changing. Everyone starts, in my previous example, with a dodge of say...
  13. Ronnie Sanford

    Recommend a Dungeon Crawl

    Hi all, Recently my group, who has been playing CoC for a while, asked to run a dungeon crawl using Magic World rules. Our last dungeon crawl was In Search of the Troll Slayer which was a big hit. The problem is that I don't know of any other modules (for any system) that meet our needs. Can...
  14. Ronnie Sanford

    Just uploaded rules for freeform magic in BRP type games

    Find it here at
  15. Ronnie Sanford

    Freeform Magic for BRP games 2.1

    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of homebrew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and...
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