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  1. Voros

    Exalted Funeral Bundle

    Exalted Funeral have a charity bundle up on their site. Includes a mix of indie games and OSR as per Exalted's eclectic approach. A number of OSR adventures, zines and supplement/tools: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/129931/The-Dungeon-Dozen...
  2. Mike Myler

    Veranthea Print Bundle - 1,000+ pages of the world's most radical Pathfinder campaign setting!

    VERANTHEA IS FINALLY ON SALE! For $106 and shipping you can add 8 hardcover and softcover books with over 1,000 pages thoroughly detailing the multitude of Veranthea. Plus PDFs! THE WORLDS OF VERANTHEA GRETHADNIS - Filled with fantasy realms experiencing a renaissance as malevolent armies...
  3. Edgewise

    Big RetroRoleplaying bundle

    RetroRoleplaying games - EVERYTHING This looks pretty much like the entire Microlite line for about $30, when the usual price is almost $180 for all that content. I don't have much familiarity with the products, but I know that some people like it - so if you're interested in a few of the...
  4. Voros

    Bundle of Holding Thread

    [MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread is exclusively for bundles offered through Bundle of Holding. Allen Varney does an excellent job responding to questions and customer service here, so deals from other services should be posted in our Discount Thread.] Rather than posting a new thread for every...
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