1. Voros

    What is Your Appendix N?

    So I thought it might be fun if we discussed what our personal Appendix N or Moldvay's 'Source for Inspirational Reading' is. How you define that is up to you but I'd suggest we keep the list to a Top Ten so it doesn't become too unwieldy. It could be what sources of fiction or with Moldvay's...
  2. Templum Domini

    Anime and Manga Discussion Thread

    I keep wondering why we don't have one before. So, I guess this is the first? I'll be up-front with it, I like Anime and Manga. Does anyone else like it too (Besides @Doc Sammy , who I am inviting on this thread)?
  3. Raleel

    What are you watching?

    it sort of astonishes me that we have a what are you listening to thread, and not another thread for watching or reading. So, what are you watching? currently working on the second season of american gods. i LOVE the show. i frankly don't care what folks think of it. it speaks to me very...
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