character creation challenge

  1. TardisCaptain

    January 2024 Character Creation Challenge

    Hey guys, I'm planning on running another Character Creation Challenge this January. Would there be any interest in posting another set of 31 characters here? I posted about this on my blog.
  2. M

    CCC 2023 Continuation: Where the Wild Characters Are Pub Edition

    It takes 28 days to make (or break) a habit. (well 21-28 days depending on whom you listen to.) I have spent 31 days doing something - making characters. This is my second (and a half) year doing #CharacterCreationChallenge. My post-mortem this year will be a little different than last year...
  3. Bunch

    2023 Character Creation Challenge

    Post your characters here.
  4. Bunch

    Character Creation Challenge 2022

    Similar to last year's challenge I think we should try it again next year. Get your dice and your books because January is coming fast!
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